Bloons TD Battles 2 in a nutshell

The Game Is Fun And Pain

This game is only fun if you want to spend a lifetime to unlock tier 3+ towers or if you want to spent $5 a month to unlock vip which makes it a bit pay to win :). The goal in the first arena is game is to place as many towers as possible with much projectiles to lag the sh** out of your opponent or you just play passive and then at round 11 you bloon boost and spam zebras. Make sure to kill him because he will rush you too! After 1 hour of doing this you reached the yellow stadium where you unlock camo, regen en fortified bloons, but don't worry you will die to camo bloons before you reach the fortified. How to win in this arena: unlock village and play 10 million matches to get 2400 xp and get the radar upgrade. Or just go round 12 camo purple rush ez win, just make sure to taunt your enemy and send cry emoji's. When you reach the White Wasteland you can no longer choose the towers you want, you can only choose your best towers because if you go with other towers you are guaranteed to lose. :) If you really want to level other towers then you just keep losing in this stage which doesnt matter it will just take you even longer since you then get only between 0-80 xp per tower, instead of up to 400 xp. Since the game has been released since yesterday (30 november) and alot is still unbalanced please dont take this guide serious! :D


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