Pre DLC gunner build still feels great on insane

Pre DLC gunner build still feels great on insane

Spam The Skills

Pre DLC gunner build still feels great on insane image 1

Pre DLC gunner build still feels great on insane image 2

We will be using a ton of skills, while still doing insane DPS with our guns.

Overclock Quicklink This will give us free reloads (most of the time) and very importantly gives allies 50% reload speed. Stopwatch This gives 20% of Overclock while it is on Cooldown (20$ Fire rate and 10% reload) for two slots this is very efficient.

Grenade Disorienting Blast will give us a knock down on each hit of the grenade.

Shrapnel will improve the damage by 50% (appears to give 100% currently?) primarily useful vs special swarms of Prowlers or Bursters, or the new Pathogen runners that are hit on the edges of the explosion and Synth.

Other Skills

Overwhelming Fire Stuns an enemy at max stacks of Focus fire, that means a single shotgun shot will strigger the stun, and proc Down & Out for the extra 20% damage boost as well.

Down & Out we have a stun, and two knockdowns that we can use frequently,

Focus Fire increases the damage the enemy takes by 10%, this will be multiplicative with Stay On Target and will also increase ally damage.

Acquire Target Gives 30% Recharge while at full stacks (this will happen in 2 shots of a shotgun)

Technican CQW training For maximum DPS you will want to prioritize Fire Rate,Magazine Capacity,WP. Since we will be using the shotgun primarily for specials and elites, we will be using our Overclock with it to get a free reload off, making reload speed less impactful. With all our cooldown we should be using it very regularly.

Alternate A bit less damage from our grenade in favor of more weapon damage, or some skill recharge rate.

M41A3 Burst Rifle

Pre DLC gunner build still feels great on insane image 15

Solid rifle, doing very high DPS while hitting WPs

Assault Break Highest DPS option while still giving accuracy and stability.

Boosted Flash Hider Since we are largely using this gun to clear trash to get our Cooldowns back, this is a very good option. 40% WP damage to help get that WP kill and increase or damage efficiency.

Compound Mag Best all round magazine for DPS

Combat Relay Scope An important part of the build, as it gives 10% actual cooldown per WP kill. this means it will give 4.5 seconds off Overclock and 3 seconds off Grenade regardless of our Recharge Speed. With three kills Overclock will be around 22 seconds. You can only get two kills, and grenade will recharge in 14 seconds.

AlternateTwilight. Another great battle rifle for WP kills, and can also use the Combat Relay Scope

M37A3 Pump

Pre DLC gunner build still feels great on insane image 23
Pre DLC gunner build still feels great on insane image 24

This shotgun has very good burst damage, and very low DPS due to long reload times. Since we will be using Overclock, with its free reload very regularly, the reload time won't be as much of a problem.

Assault Break Provides the most Fire rate, as well as accurate. The stability isn't that necessary but it doesn't hurt. This is our primary Elite and special killer so we will want max DPS.

Field Reserves Best DPS option when Overclock is down.

Alloyed Chamber Best DPS option when you can use the Overclock reload.

Hybrid Sight WP damage and the most accuracy of any scope without zoom, very solid optic.

AlternateMy go to is Type 21 to replace the Pump anytime any day.


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