How to Solo Insane Mode

How to Solo Insane Mode

Which Mods You Need Installed & How To Add Them

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Go to Nexus Mods and view the Mods for Aliens Fire Team Elite:

Download the following mods:

(Please note the descriptions of what each mod does aren't entirely accurate. I explain what they actually do in part 2)

Extreme and Insane Difficulty Rebalance ADS Outline All Modes Infinite Lives Sentry Guns - Lifespan Extended (see the "Files" section of this mod and download all 3 files) No Stamina Drained When Rolling Battle Synths (Also see the "Improved Bots" discussion on steam, same thing) Technicians with Rifles Friendly Fire Control and Ammo

How To Add The Mods:

> Once downloaded you will need to also have WinRar or another program that can extract ".PAK" files from a compressed/zipped folder.

>Follow the file path of where the game is downloaded (see picture) and note that the letter of your drive may differ depending where you installed your game

>Create a folder titled " ~mods " within this folder

>In this file drop all " .PAK " files from the downloaded/extracted mods

(I also have the improved doctor mod for QOL enhancements but it isn't a class I play on Insane so it isn't required for this)

What Each Mod ACTUALLY Does

Extreme & Insane Difficulty Rebalance:

- enemies have much lower health (arent bullet sponges)

- enemies do increased damage

- health recovered on revive is less than normal

- XP & resource gain upon mission completion is less

For Full Details:

ADS Outline All Modes:

- ADS will highlight enemies regardless of difficulty or perks/attachments active

Infinite Lives:

- DOES NOT provide infinite lives or infinite revives from being downed

- DOES reduce the amount of time reviving allies & being revived by allies takes significantly

- DOES NOT add extra time to how long you have to revive allies or how long they have to revive you

Sentry Gun - Lifespan Extended:

File 1- Lifespan Extended

Extends ALL Consumable Sentry Guns' lifespan from 5 minutes to to 15 minutes.

File 2- Sentry Guns- More Ammo

Includes "Lifespan Extended" mod above.

Additional Changes:

- Normal Sentry Gun ammo increased from 300 to 1200

- Hardened Sentry Gun ammo increased from 600 to 2400

NOTE: Ammo count is scaled at higher difficulty

File 3- Sentry Guns - Enhanced v1.1

Incl. "Lifespan Extended" and "More Ammo"

Additional Changes:

- Rounds per burst increased from 6 to 28

- Delay between burst decreased 0.2 to around 0.05

- Weak Point Damage increased from 1x to 2x

- Lesser Ammo Count for Normal & Hardened Sentry Guns

No Stamina Drained When Rolling:

- self explanatory by title

Battle Synths: (Credit to Player "Karma" for these see/upvote their guide here)

New and improved synth teammates that are capable of passing Extreme difficulty with you.

Personally tested and completed the whole campaign + HORDE mode on Extreme with them.


- 3000 Health + Damage resist

- Unlimited self heal with shorter cooldown

- Better aim and accuracy

- Longer engagement range

- Faster reaction times

- Higher damage on both primary and secondary weapons

- Improved grenade (Damage, radius, cooldown)

- Improved melee (Damage)

- Improved stamina and stamina regen

- Improved looks :)

- Other small tweaks

Technicians with Rifles:

- replaces Technicians pistol with ability to hold any Rifle class weapon

Friendly Fire Control and Ammo:

- Allows you to keep the standard ammo count in higher difficulties

- Removes Friendly Fire so you can focus on the game despite the dumb AI always getting in your way


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