High Voltage Tutorial

High Voltage Tutorial

1. What You Need

- Lancer no you can't use Demolitionist it just wouldn't work, trust me

- Smartgun

- About 9 Electric Ammo consumables (results may vary)


Ammo Hoarder cards

Gun mods that increase max ammo capacity on your Smartgun

Any Shock Mines you have lying around

Teammates who can resist the urge to shoot Poppers better than bots

2. Where To Go

3-3 Gift of Fire: Boarding

Recommended difficulty: Casual

When you start, load Electric ammo into your Smartgun. With an ammo hoarder card active you should get around 1000 rounds of lightning-fueled death in total to dish out on the streams of little white guys that inhabit this mission. Each one should take 3 bullets or less to kill if you are conservative with your spray and pray and there are hundreds of them within the first half of the stage.

The achievement pops mid-mission once you have enough kills.

It should take around 3 runs to get the 1000 kills you need.


Since this is casual you can take a lot of punishment so for added fun feel free to run into hordes of humanoid pathogen and drop a shock mine for an easy extra 5 or more electric kills.


High Voltage Tutorial image 18

In the interest of preserving Electric ammo, when you see anything that takes more than 3 bullets to kill:

Fun fact: Every time you reload you will lose one electric ammo. Unless you bring Lancer and use his Onslaught ability to reload your gun :)

3. Profit

High Voltage Tutorial image 22

The best part of all? When you miss one of these little guys you won't be obligated to mash a QTE in the hopes of preventing your face from being raped #metoo.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2874285950					

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