GigasChadius, another Species of Phalanx

GigasChadius, another Species of Phalanx

Skills (lololol)

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So we have skill and we do use them. We only have the most minimal upgrades for them in favor of our gun perks. One AOE weapon, and one DPS monster for maximum in your face damage. If you are not in kicking distance to the enemy, something has gone wrong. Cause them fear, smell it, taste it. LAMENTATIONS friends LAMENTATIONS.

Shield Up The best defense and Shield bash to give us movement speed, and a stun on melee attack to make pummeling specials elites and everything else that much easier, and trigger more damage.

Shock Pulse Concussion Pulse gives us a large aoe knock down that lasts for 3 seconds, making it an excellent CC ability. Shellshock, because we are GigaChad, and so we do more damage.

The real perks.Down & Out we have a ton of Stuns and knockdowns, we may as well get full advantage from them with this 20% damage increase.

Handgun Training

CQW Training

The additional perks you will want will primarily depend on the weapons you choose. We will have one DPS and one aoe weapon. For the DPS, Firerate, Reload, Magazine and WP should be gotten fairly evenly for max effectiveness, with an emphasis on Fire Rate.

For U1A2 GL Firerate and reload are most important, and for Incinerator Fire Rate and Mag size.

There is no alternate to the GigasChadius

Mark 7

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This is a very solid machine pistol with an actually good base ammo. If you are hitting WPs it is near the top DPS among guns.

Assault Break Large Fire rate increase, accuracy and stability, all of which we really want.

Rapid Release Smaller magazine sizes means more reloading, which means we want to do it fast. Make sure to prioritize Magazine capacity in perks*

Hybrid Sight Gives us the accuracy and WP damage we need to become the Giga Chad.

AlternativesType 78 has very solid DPS number, and if you are hitting WPs it is absolutely devastating. Very low ammo pool unfortunately.

U1A2 GL If you prefer to use the CQW for our elite/special killer, you can go this route to mob clear.


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The downsides of the flamer are the short range, and the fact that it ramps up damage over time. So if you stop shooting the damage will start to ramp down. The Phalanx wants to be close, and with his shield doesn't have to stop firing.

Rapid Dispersal Best option for sustained DPS, never a bad look here.

Expanded Reserves Less sustained DPS, but we get a larger ammo pool, which can be useful.

Flared breach While this does increase our burst DPS, it is less efficient for sustain. This one also gives us some decent ammo.

Riser Mount MDS Being honest, just pick one that looks cool, as almost none of the buffs given by sights helps the Incinerator. Handling and stumble chance for faster weapon swaps and knocking the enemies around.

Micro Dot for the damage increase - after it is fixed to give the full 10% damage increase.


If you have decided you want your CQW for elites and handgun for AOE, you can get the

PPZ-49 If you are confident on hitting WPs or Type 21 for better body shot damage. Both are excellent DPS for Specials and elites.


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