Strongest Companion Builds

Strongest Companion Builds


This guide is about builds I've found very effective in my play through.

I'll continue adding more when I have time.

For more info on where to find the parts & items, do check out Dorim's Guide

Brute - The Iron Maiden

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Offense: ★★★★★

Defense: ★★★★★

Avg Kills per turn: >4

TLDR: This companion will soak a lot of damage & make your enemies bleed themselves to death. One of the few builds that can solo kill bosses, such as the Creeper King, in 1 turn.

Suitable for achievement:

Lute - Win a battle with only one Undying unit.

Skills L2 - Destroyer

L3 - Valorous Duel

L5 - Cruelty

L8 - Temperance

L10 - Defensive Riposte

L12 - Class Specialization - Overwhelming Presence

Manual Skills - Wrath, Taunt

Gear Helm - Paladin's Galea [+Willpower, +Crit Damage]

Helm Skill - Legionary's Ointment (Gain Anticoagulant Weapon for 1 round - All attacks apply bleeding)

1H Weapon - Erkeshet's Mace (50-60% damage, If this unit has more strength than the target, damage dealt is doubled and a critical hit is guaranteed)

Oil 1 - Bleeding Oil (Every time a skill deals damage to a bleeding enemy, has a 25% chance to trigger bleeding damage)

Oil 2 - Perforating Oil (Attacks dealt ignore 50% of the target's guard)

Armour - Akhedian Steel Battleplate (3 slots)

Layers - Colossal Reinforced Layer of the Horse (+4 Strength, +6 Guard) or Colossal Reinforced Layer of the Stag (+4 Strength, +18 Armour)

Shield - Alazarian Heater Shield (Powerful Counter - When hit by the engaged opponent, this unit retaliates with an attack of opportunity)

Belt - Bleeding Oil Concentrate (Increases Bleeding Oil chance by 25% (total 50%))

Stats Profession - Master Blacksmith (+10 Strength)

Aptitude Points - raise Willpower to 15/16, movement to 14~18 & everything else into Strength. At level 12, the difference between adding Critical Hit (Damage) & Strength is not significant. However, before getting Overwhelming Presence, adding Critical Hit improves more damage

Skill & Gear Choices

The essential pieces are Legionary's Ointment, Bleeding Oil, Bleeding Oil Concentrate & Alazarian Heater Shield

Bleeding oil deals 20% of max hp (25% if Path upgraded)

This build starts shining at level 8 with upgraded Temperance giving riposte after taking 2 attacks.

At Mystery & Wisdom Path 7, get Perforating oil to negate enemy guard

At level 12, Overwhelming Presence guarantees critical hits for every attack.

Use Horse Layer to get max guard (80%) & swap out with Stag Layer when over the guard cap for more armour to keep crit going longer.

StrategyStart the fight by activating anticoagulant weapon, focus on killing archers & other ranged units first.

Use disengage to trigger AO after each strike.

Taunt & disengage to take less damage & trigger 1 more AO. Best to prioritize taunt on a tank as will need several disengages to kill.

End turn by positioning adjacent to ranged melee units such as spearmen as they will still strike at melee range & trigger your AO.

This build has only 1 weakness - Damage Over Time (DOT).

So avoid being poison, burn or bleeding.

Swordsman - Bleed Fighter

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Strongest Companion Builds image 45Duellist's Instinct
Hardcore Training
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Offense: ★★★★★

Defense: ★★★★★

Avg Kills per turn: >4

TLDR: I solo-ed 3 level 14 polar bears on Expert starting with only 1 VP.

Swordsman variant of the The Iron Maiden (Brute)

Swap out for for immunity to DOT

Bear Fight


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