Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+)

Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+)

Universal GOTG Build - GOTG Gauntlet

Harder Prerequisites


Venedon: Beat him at the GOTG for his mana to summon him.

Mimic: Mana for it can be farmed in the Arachnid Nest quickly as it has a high spawn rate for them.


Four Helmets and Two Staffs at Rank 50: Needed for the Spell Gem socket, an absolute must for Tartarith. You don't need the Netherstone slot which is the most expensive, and I left it blank for upgrades however you see fit.

Spell Gems

Living Necklace and Living Helmet: These are in the Arena shop.


Bleed Out: The Ancestor False God.

Eternal Echo: Hydranox False God.

Expanded Mind: Caliban the Unredeemed False God.

Onslaught: Loid Prime False God.

Voracity: The Ancestor False God.

Trait Material

Master of Diabolic Horde Trait Material: Horde Master can be found in Bastion of the Void and The Barrens, a rare drop so keep trying. This is probably the most frustrating to get if you don't already have it.


Whisper, Shadow Staff of Tenebris: Rank 60

Temptation, Bladed Whip of Regalis: Rank 60

Salus, Jade Guardian of Lister: Rank 90

Bloodseeker, Hungering Dagger of Mortem: Rank 70

Thousand Needles, Honed Bow of Apocranox: Rank 70

Materium, Shifting Gem of Aurum: Rank 100


Four Tome's of Relaxation: Health Up/Speed Down, uncommon drop in any realm

Two Tome's of Carefulness: Intelligence Up/Attack Down, uncommon drop in any realm


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 38
Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 39
Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 40
Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 41
Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 42
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Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 44

Full Team Layout

Creature & Trait Characteristics


He is pretty much an all-star for GOTG. Not only do your buffs last forever, but enemies debuffs stay forever too. This is very important for fights with Gonfurian and Azural where once applied, you don't have to think about it again unless they cast Dispel/Mass Dispel. This combo is very potent combined with our debuff Salted Earth + Absolution + Despair combo. The Virtue of Patience is for Azural mainly, but generates massive value overtime.


For obvious reasons, Mimic is an absolute must for strategic purposes. Especially at higher ranks. Surprise! needs no explanation. Celestial Fortitude is our damage reduction enhancement, and mainly for Torun and a couple other fights that hit hard. Salted Earth is a piece of our debuff combo, and excellent on Mimic because we can do this at the start of battle.

Phase Knight

Another absolute must is Endurance Aura, and yet again mainly for Torun protection. Provides protection for various debuffs that can be applied to us as well. Spectrum of Eternity provides massive value to the giant puzzle we're assembling in this team. It allows for multiple Clayman and Mutilate casts, and we can proc Sense of Purpose on Dryad multiple times with Timewalk. Nature Transformation is specifically for Zonte, as he can make our team wipe themselves at the start of battle without it.

Sphinx Zealot

If anything, Pharoah's Bane would be the one trait I could swap out for something different. I haven't done enough experimenting without it in this team setup. We don't have enough stats for it's counterpart Pharaoh's Boon to be relevant. Regardless, Pharoah's Bane does scale nicely the higher in ranks you go.. So it is nice, and provides nice indirect protection. Blessing of the Sands is multifaceted and an absolute must - Specifically with Master of Diabolic Horde, and the other Horde traits we're using.

Incandescent Vulpes

Naturalization is the bulk of our damage reduction, and great with the perk we're using Expanded Mind. I've done heavy testing with and without some health stacking, and the higher in ranks you go you definitely want a buffer.. Even if you're not solely focusing on health stacking. Solace is one of the two pieces of health stacking we're using, and goes nicely with Naturalization. I have also done a lot of testing with the appropriate amount of damage reduction we need, and though one singular piece isn't an MVP.. It all adds significance, and definitely noticeable when we take off Diabolic Protection. Vulpes is also our fastest unit, so the Clayman loops start right after Mimic.

Dryad Vindicator

Absolution is the last piece of our debuff combo that provides massive benefit to every fight. Our debuff combo is definitely the MVP of this teams foundation, but Sense of Purpose is right behind it. Chain casting Clayman, then Timewalking Dryad is a very quick way to push out damage with the perk we're using Voracity. Diabolic Fortitude is our second piece of health stacking, and works great with Blessing of the Sands. Dryad is also our second fastest unit, so right after Vulpes finishes chain casting Clayman it leads right into Sense of Purpose.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 62
Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 63
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Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 65
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Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 68

Artifacts & Spells

Spell Gems

Mutilate: Our one shot kill with our chain cast potential.

Soothing Breeze: For Friden annihilation.

Utopia: For Torun and back up heals.

Timewalk: Two purposes. Cast on Dryad with Sense of Purpose to heal our current health back after Clayman. Also for Azural, cast on Venedon with The Virtue of Patience to accumulate buffs to damage him.

Wormhole: Utility to take whatever turn you need. Primarily to switch to Vulpes to get Clayman going in case any timeline shuffling happens. Vulpes has the highest speed so it goes after Mimic usually.

Exhaustion: Specifically just for Lister.

Mass Dispel: For Surathli and Tenebris primarily, and a "you're pissing me off Zonte!" button.

Angry Orchard and Death Blossom: For Mortem and clearing the field after health boosting.

Living Helmet: In case Zonte gets a turn, this gives us an out by giving us debuff immunity for his nonsense.

Living Necklace: Allows us to replenish Spell charges in case the fight goes on a bit. Also on Dryad's artifact to get extra casts with it off Dryad's staff.

Life Orb: Resurrect effect just in case, and shared with everyone.

Guardian Force: Helps in the fight with Yseros. She's one of the fights that can wipe your team easily, so extra damage reduction is helpful before you cast Mutilate.

Cruelty of the Wild: Is for any instance a God gets paired up with a healer.

Clayman: Our most important spell besides Mutilate. Allow us to boost HP absurdly and push out damage with our Voracity Anointment. Doubling up our Vulpes with it who can chain cast it (One regular/one on Artifact).

Morph:Life/Death/Sorcery/Chaos/Nature: For Aeolian. Paired up with the Materium Relic.. It's a nice way to gain some incremental stat buffs for a couple fights that might go some extra turns.

Mutilate's on the helmet spell sockets for Tartarith. The Netherstone slot is not necessary, but allows for upgrades later on.

Spell Gem Properties

I wouldn't advise tweaking any of this as i've done a lot of experimentation with everything, and one of those "works out of the box" type of things. Dryad's Morph spells definitely need Generous gems or else Aeolian is a pain in the butt. No need to explain most of this, you'll see what's happening when socketing all of this.

Corresponding order from the spell list, top to bottom.

Corresponding order from creature orientation, left to right.

Relic's & Character Interactions

Whisper, Shadow Staff of Tenebris

Venedon: Rank 60 recommended, as this will gives us ample time and chance to gain Invisible. Invisible works good with The Virtue of Patience so we don't loose turns with him. Though we could always Wormhole, we might not be able to in the current turn rotation.

Temptation, Bladed Whip of Regalis

Mimic: Rank 60 recommended. This is primarily for Gonfurian as this is our weakest fight. Not in terms of difficulty, we just sacrificed so much to other fights we don't have many great ways to burst Gonfurian down.. So this helps.

Salus, Jade guardian of Lister

Phase Knight: Rank 90 recommended. We need Phase Knight alive at all times as it provides a lot of benefit to us. This relic gives us Mending, less spell damage, less damage received, defends at the end of turn, supplemental healing, and provides damage output the more it gets healed. A great tank relic that can turn into a damage unit in case shtf.

Bloodseeker, Hungering Dagger of Mortem

Sphinx Zealot: Rank 100 recommended, but definitely 70. We always want to Clayman on Sphinx since it distributes max HP to everyone else, and rank 70 gives larger health increases which means larger distribution. With multiple Clayman casts, we get our damage online fast.

Thousand Needles, Honed Bow of Apocranox

Incandescent Vulpes: Rank 70 recommended. Rank 30 will allow us to chain multiple Clayman's which is necessary - but Rank 70 allows us to attack multiple times, which is very helpful for Gonfurian. Which we need all the help we can get in that fight as explained earlier.

Materium, Shifting Gem of Aurum

Dryad Vindicator: Rank 100 necessary. We need all the defense on Dryad as we can get. Since it has a chance to cast different spells we have equipped from other classes every time you cast, this relic lets us boost our stats with the Morph:Spells. Since we have Living Necklace on Dryad's Artifact, we replenish our charges on everything as Dryad distributes stats. It also provides class protection which is helpful to keep Dryad alive.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 109
Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 110
Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 111
Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 112
Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 113

Bleed Out

Mainly for Erebyss, but also nice to have for Meraxis and Apocranox who can get out of hand with debuff arrows sometimes. Does not help with Torun because if he wipes you once, your creatures will be at the bottom of the timeline and he'll easily wipe you again. Erebyss always goes to the bottom of the timeline after she kills your team, so you'll get another round to kill her. Meraxis you can just go for Mutilate at the start of battle without worrying about the damage that gets reflected. Bleed Out is also nice for cheap shots that happen.

Eternal Echo

Allows us to kill most God's with Mutilate at the start of battle, and for chaining Clayman. Without this, we can't one shot some of the more annoying fights like Zonte, Meraxis, and Apocranox.

Expanded Mind

We need lots of answers for situations, so this is an absolute must. It's also a big part of our damage reduction package in combination with our trait Naturalization.


A combination damage/damage reduction package (+40%/-40% respectively.) I've done lots of testing with this and it's pretty necessary for this build to survive Torun and the variables that he spawns with. Sometimes it's not necessary and we have just enough damage reduction without this. It's better to be safe though and make this build consistent. If anything, i'd swap this out with Rigor against Zonte and Apocranox. Snare/Freeze/Sleep immunity goes a long way in those fights. The damage increase this provides is nice at the start, but with Voracity we can get insane damage output in a turn if we need to, so a static 40% is less exciting.


Another absolute must. No real explanation needed as it's just great with builds that can stack and stat massive health. Without it, this build does not work.


In the next part of the guide, I will go over ideal win condition routes for each God. Obviously RNG plays a big factor in this game, so things can go awry very easily. This build provides all the tools you need do things on the fly if things don't go as planned/explained.. Zonte being the biggest culprit of this. Outside factors can put an immediate stop to our ideal setup - namely Repelling/Invisible/Silenced/Freeze/Snared. At higher ranks, you get one shot often which also throws some wrenches in the gears.

No strategy for Caliban listed because his fight isn't required to ascend each class. Though he still has his rare skin drops.

Outside of the more gimmicky fights that require setups, Mimic has enough charges of Mutilate to wipe the field at the start of battle. Vulpes and Dryad are our fastest units so they get the Clayman + Sense of Purpose health ramp train going right away. Fights we can't Mutilate everything away, we're casting Clayman on Sphinx Zealot which will distribute max health to everyone. Then we can deal with the gimmick at hand.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 131

Defend with Mimic. Wait till Aeolian Morphs:Class, then on your next turn Morph:Class to Aeolian's. Take Aeolian and his team out with Mutilate.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 136

He has some arrows that can debuff, a couple being freeze and snare. Mimic should cast Mutilate on him to take him out right away. If it doesn't, have someone else do it. Cast Mass Dispel and Living Helmet as needed. Might need to use Life Orb depending on Apocranox's team.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 141

Mimic should cast Mutilate on Aurum to take him out right away. His gimmick is very underwhelming as 300% of our lowest stat is insignificant.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 146

Start off by defending with Mimic. Vulpes should use Clayman on Sphinx. Repeat this loop until Sphinx is over 1M+. Dryad or anyone else should cast Timewalk on Venedon until your team has 15+ buffs. Wormhole to Sphinx and take out Azural and his team with Mutilate.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 151

It's priority number one to take out Erebyss first, and one cast of Mutilate with Mimic should do that. The Bleed Out Anointment will protect us if she does get a turn and kills everyone, and she'll always go to the bottom of the timeline afterwards. So just Mutilate her team away in either instance.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 156

Defend with Mimic. Have Vulpes use Clayman on Sphinx, and use Dryad to Timewalk on itself. Do this until Sphinx has 1M+ HP, Wormhole to it, and have Sphinx cast Soothing Breeze on Friden to kill him. Everyone else can be back up Soothing Breeze casters. Angry Orchard or Death Blossom the rest of the team after Friden is dead.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 161

One of our slowest fights because we've put so much effort elsewhere on more serious problems that we have no real reliable way to do heavy attack damage to Gonfurian. Mimic's Temptation Relic, and Vulpes Thousand Needles Relic should help us push through attack damage. Plus Venedon giving us three buffs on his turn provide that extra boost we need.

Defend with Mimic at the start of battle, then once again on it's next turn. Third turn start attacking with Mimic, and always have everyone else attacking Gonfurian until he's dead. Once he is, Mutilate the left overs.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 167

Defend with Mimic on his first turn. Have Vulpes cast Exhaustion since it casts the most times. Skip Turn/Defend with Dryad. Have any other two teammates use up most of their Exhaustion casts. After that Skip Turn/Defend with everyone until Lister leaves.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 172

This one is a bit tricky.. He reflects 100% of your damage back to you, but our setup makes this easy. Cast Mutilate with Mimic, and the reflect damage should wipe our team in response. Bleedout will resurrect us, and Meraxis should be dead. Mutilate the rest of Meraxis's team. Life Orb in case you need a resurrect.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 177

Defend with Mimic. Have everyone cast Mutilate on Mortem to burst his health down. When he's a little under 1/3 HP, everyone should switch to casting Angry Orchard until Mortem and his dead are down. Vulpes should passively cast Clayman off it's artifact for a little extra boost, but the loop isn't necessary.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 182

Mimic should cast Mutilate on Perdition, and continue to do so until everything is down. Him and his team do have some damage, but really a non-issue. We have enough damage reduction to stop this in the rare case he gets paired up with something that allows him to get a turn.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 187

A debuff gimmick, but easy enough. One cast of Mutilate with Mimic on her should take her out, but just have everyone else do this as well. If too many teammates get snared/frozen, Mass Dispel is there.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 192

Cast Mass Dispel with Mimic first which will clear Rebirth, Barrier, Invisible, and Shelled from everything. Just brute force Mutilates on Surathli with your team. Her team has Repelling so some casts won't go through. This fight is a little RNG dependant depending on what she spawns with, but use Life Orb if necessary. Once she's down, cast Mass Dispel on everything else and take them out with Mutilate/Angry Orchard.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 197

Defend with Mimic. Vulpes and Dryad should just defend the whole fight. Everyone else should just provoke which will trigger Mutilate on their artifacts. Tartarith and his team will be down in no time.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 202

Cast Mass Dispel with Mimic first to clear invisible off everything. If he remains without Invisible, take him out with Mutilate. Tenebris might re-apply Invisible so just keep casting Mass Dispel with everyone as needed until Tenebris's team is at the bottom of the timeline and can't re-apply it until you get turns. Mutilate Tenebris, or Angry Orchard/Death Blossom if Clayman triggered at any point, but the loop isn't necessary.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 207

This one is a pain in the ass without the right setup, luckily we have it! In most cases our Traits, Artifacts, and Anointments should give us the appropriate damage reduction to tank Torun's insane damage every turn, but sometimes it might be a wipe depending on what he spawns with. Start off by casting Guardian Force with Mimic, we need to reduce the damage as much as possible on everyone.

Everyone should rotate between Utopia to recover everyone's HP to full, and Mutilate on Torun. If you run out of Utopia casts, Timewalk on Dryad for back-up heals. Everyone has 2 Utopia casts except Dryad who's sharing it. DO NOT use Vulpes to use the Clayman/Timewalk loop, Torun will wipe our team because each cast is a start-of-turn trigger.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 213

Similar to Perdition. One cast of Mutilate on Venedon with Mimic should wipe him out. Venedon and his team attack/cast spells 5 extra times, but we have enough damage reduction. Cast Guardian Force with anyone if he's not dead turn 1 for whatever reason. Continue to cast Mutilate on everything till they're down.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 218

Another easy one, not too much to say here. His gimmick is irrelevant to us, he'll kill us if we take too long.. SO! Cast Mutilate on Vertraag to kill him.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 223

Vulcanar's gimmick is it'll resurrect 5 times. Mimic and Vulpes should focus cast Mutilate on Vulcanar, and the others should just cast Angry Orchard to evenly distribute the damage. Each time Vulcanar resurrects he gets stronger, but Mutilate doesn't care.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 228

This fight is mildly annoying. Yseros and her team copy everything you do, and output some decent damage with some RNG debuff elements. Start off by casting Guardian Force with Mimic to reduce incoming damage even further. After that she'll go down with a cast or two of Mutilate. You might need to use a Life Orb to resurrect if RNG gets too out of hand.


Universal GOTG Build (Up To Rank 50+) image 233

Another really hard fight, comparable to Torun. Here is the joy of Zonte.. One of his gimmick rotations he'll reset his team to 70% health - bypassing Blighted, he seals Ethereal spells and regularly gets paired up with creatures that seal regular spells, and your team will constantly attack and debuff themselves. Nature Transformation is an absolute must so your team doesn't pummel themselves to death on your turns. If your creatures start the battle silenced just forfeit. Overall it's just really RNG and but if we're not Silenced or in the midst of a couple other factors we have a consistent plan.

Good news, this is just another "Use Mutilate with Mimic and boss dies right away" fight, but if that doesn't happen from outside factors it turns completely RNG and you're left to work through it with the tools you have. Living Helmet and Mass Dispel equipped on everyone are our best ways to keep your turns. Mutilate Zonte with the users who are free and have Immune. If the fight gets too annoying just restart, but luckily he goes down right away with Mutilate 80% of the time.

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