Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires Khazrak the One-Eye - Beastmen campaign overview, guide and second thoughts

Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires Khazrak the One-Eye - Beastmen campaign overview, guide and second thoughts

Khazrak The One-Eye Beastmen

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Hello everyone. In this guide I will cover:

- Victory conditions, faction and climate;

- Starting location;

- Diplomacy and outposts;

- Mechanics of the race and faction;

- Province edicts and army stances;

- Buildings and research;

- Lords and skills;

- Army compositions;

And give you my final notes on the specific faction. Hope you enjoy it.

For those that prefer the video format:


For those that prefer to read:


- Short victory, quite easy, quite quick. Destroy middenland and occupy, loot, raze or sack 35 settlements. Reward is winds of magic power reserves to all armies, which is nice overall.

- Long victory is the opposite. Very intense, you need to occupy, raze, loot or sack 80, and destroy every Empire faction, and conquer or raze the Oak of Ages. Reward is +10 to lord level, which is great.

In terms of his bonuses in the campaign, Khazrak reduces the Dread cost for 15% for all unit capacity upgrades, and gives a nice evasion chance and ambush chance to all armies. It fits into the playstyle of focusing on ambushing the enemy.

Climate is excellent. You shall not suffer issues with that, which is great to go anywhere you would like, honestly.


First province is none, as you are a horde faction, but your supposed initial herdstone is to be placed in the Laurelorn forest location. It is a good location.

Typical expansion is thus to eliminate Middenland around you and take care of any surrounding enemies. Then you have to decide whether to move into Altdorf or into the area where Festus is.


Diplomatically, everyone around hates you, but you may find yourself being friends with Festus easily. And with that, any Norscan allies are possible too. That will imply you can have good heavy cavalry or infantry from Chaos or Norsca, or even some missile troops, via the Outpost mechanic.


- Herdstones: raze a location and put a herdstone. Neighboring settlements become blood-grounds, which you can raze to obtain marks of ruination.

- Marks of ruination allow you to unlock units and further army capacity, as well as more herdstones.

- Dread is a currency, essentially. It allows you to increase your unit capacity for advanced units, recruit lords, add hero capacity, herdstone upgrades, and items. It is better if you take your time checking those to ensure you are acquiring what is best for your playstyle.

- Moon: from time to time, you have an event that provides factionwide buffs, which you much choose accordingly.

- Bestial Rage: it is tied to each army, and gives you growth and regen buffs for your army. As long as you keep fighting, it keeps going well.

- No upkeep. Beastmen have literally no upkeep for their units.


- There are no province edicts, but the Beastmen have herdstone buildings that provide similar bonuses to the area around it. These range from:

1 - casualty replenishment, to horde recruit capacity, corruption

2 - Winds of magic reserve, line of sight, factionwide dread;

3 - Campaign move reduced for enemies, small chance of a plague spreading, vigor in battle for enemies;

4 - Ammunition, reload time increase (debuff) and missile damage (debuff) for your enemies.

As for army stances, Beastmen can ambush while attacking, which is great and goes well into the abilities from Khazrak. Raiding allows immunity to attrition, beastial rage, and costs no movement. Beast paths are sort of the underway, and allow you to traverse terrain quickly. Great tactical advantage there. Finally, hidden camp is used to recruit and build, and you still have a chance to ambush others. Overall, a great focus on ambushing and staying hidden, which plays well into Khazrak's playstyle.


- Your armies are your settlements. You are a horde faction;

- You have 5 military buildings, 4 support buildings. Each of the support buildings grants an army ability, which you should check to ensure it follows into your playstyle.

The further you grow, the better your units will of course be, but Khazrak is already great with tier 3 units, including Bestigors, Spawn, Minotaurs, Giants, Razorgor chariots... Tier 5 is all about single entities.

Research happens via challenges. Complete these challenges to unlock the possibility of researching. Therefore, it is important you try to meet the challenge to allow it in the first place. Study the tech tree before you start to ensure you are heading towards the research you need.


- The beastmen have lords that encourage different army compositions, since they all have different buffs for specific units. For example, Bray Shamans buff up all sorts of creatures, so they can be considered interesting to add some variety, even if it is just to be able to have a secondary army that is sweeping and defeating minor enemies or locations.

- Redline is rather expensive considering the units you have. The overall army lacks some good anti-large before tier 4 and 5.

- You are also at a slight disadvantage when sieging, thus army abilities and vanguard helps to quickly rush the walls and gates.

You can see below the armies that I am suggesting. Special note that I only put a caster hero and a melee hero as placeholders, as I recommend that you have at least one of each, but I do not make any instruction in terms of which lore of magic, for example, or which specific melee hero other than giving you a vague idea.


- They are extremely good at ambushing, and you can definitely have a playstyle and army composition just based on that.

- Maximize the vanguard possibilities with Khazrak, meet the enemy on the field instead of long sieges. Enjoy the army abilities and the great replenishment (climate, lord buffs, hero buffs).

Their army consists of:

- Reliable infantry;

- Average missiles;

- Great Monsters and single entities;

- Lack heavy cavalry;

- Lack of elite anti-large infantry;

Replenishment is great, you have no income, all you need is to keep fighting to get better armies.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2939921789					

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