DLC buyer guide after 2.4

My List Of Recommended First Choice DLCs For All Races Expierience




-rise of tomb kings


-curse of the vampire coast



This 8 dlcs will grand you access to 13 races you are missing.

How To Get X Race/Lord I Want Or How To Get Everything For My Favorite Race- Guide

general advice :The base game wh1/2 is a good choice if you want more lords to play with,they are more 'vanilla' like too -good for start without very stand outish mechanics but if you want new races with all units to the roster and can live without some lords then (ironically) "lordpacks" dlcs are the way to go and older games wh1 and 2 can be totally skipped.



-game wh 1 gives you karl Franz and Balthasar Gelt

-Grim&grave dlc will give you Volkmar and its the only way to acguire free militia,knights of the blazing sun and flagelans to your empire armies

-Hunter&beast gives you Markus Wolfheart and archers + war wagons



-Wh1 base game gives you Thorgrim and Urgrim

-king and the warlord - balista,rangers and Belegar

Note that you will also get Thorek and Gromnindal if you own any of this

3.Vampire Counts


-wh1 base game gives you Manfred and Kemmler with Krell as summon

-grim&grave gives Ghorst+his units- mortis engine,corpse cart.

You get Izabella and Vlad von carstein too no matter which one you own



-wh1 base game : Azhag,Grimgor

-king&warlord: Skarsnik, squigs, goblin scalptakers

warden&paunch: Grom, troll variants,snotling wagons,Rogue Idol (of gork or maybe Mork?)

Wurzag is free if you own any of those

5.Warriors of chaos


-warriors of chaos dlc:adds Archaon,Kholek and Sigvald

champions of chaos dlc: Valkia,Festus,Azazel,Vilitch chaos warshrine unit

6.Wood Elves


-realm of the wood elves:Orion ,Durthu,Drycha and her companion Coedill

-twisted&twilligh:Sisters of twilight + zoats,great stags,upgraded war dancers,legendary hero Ariel



call of beastman: Khazrak,Malagor,Morghur

silence&fury:Taurox+ jabberslythe and gorgon,new chariot

8.High elves


-wh2 base game: Teclis,Tyrion

-quenn&crone: Allariel, two archer types

-warden&paunch: Eltharion and -rangers,upgraded spearman,new phoenix variant, lions pack and lions chariot, Mistwalkers units in Tor yvresse

Free if you own anything of the above: Imrik,Alith Anar

9,Dark elves


wh2 base game:Malekith,Morathi

-queen&crone:Hellebron and:witch elves with whips(sisters of slaughter),cav with spells(doom fire warlocks) and kharibdis- hydra reskin

-shadow&blade:Malus+ medusa and chariot variant

free if own any of the above:Lokhir and Rakarth



-wh2 base game:Mazdamundi,Krogqar

-prophet&warlock:Tahenhaunin,red skinks,salamanders,3 new variants for basic dinos

-Hunter&beast: Nakai, dread saurians,razordons,new kroxigors variant

-silence&fury:Oxyotl + new chameleons,coatl,troglodon

free if you own any of those: Gor-rok and Lord Kroak, Tiktaqtoe



-wh2 base game:Scrolk and Queek

-prophet&warlock: Ikit; jezzails,ratlings,doom-flayers

-shodow&blade:Sniktch, eshin halbadiers,poison wind mortals,warp grinder

-twisted&twilight: Throt, wolf-rats pack,broodhorror,mutated rat-ogre, Ghoritch hero

free if you own any of the above:Trentch craventail


-all content for that race is free


only race pack is avaible

Tomb Kings

only race pack is avaible

Vampire Coast

only race pack is avaible


-no addicional content avaible for now.


-no addicional content avaible for now.

Deamons of chaos/monogod races

-no addicional content avaible for now.


-no addicional content avaible for now.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2935726311					

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