Compatible Mods for Multiplayer

About This Guide

Hey guys I'm an avid player of multiplayer and I made this guide to try and help people when it comes to modding the game for multiplayer. I would highly recommend you grab the Mod Manager by Propjoe

Workshop link for bug reports and queries:

This mod manager is a GOD SEND and I highly recommend you use this manager over the default CA one as it'll allow you to share modlists (working as of 1.30.2 version) with your friends.

I also run a Warhammer Community called Freaks and Heretics which you are welcome to join if your looking for multiplayer:

How You Can Help!

Post in the comments below a potentially working or potentially broken mod that isn't on this list this will come a long way to adding to the list as I hope to have this as a living list that continues to grow as we get more information. Please try to be as descriptive as possible when it comes to providing bug reports and how it interacts with the game when it comes to broken multiplayer mods.

Mods That Potentially Work

Unique Faction UI:

Lore Names: Renamed Factions & New Evolving Names:

Lore Names: Renamed Unique Lords & Heroes:

Settlement Capture Pictures:


Less Red more Art - Menu Movies Expansion 1:

Less Red more Art - Menu Movies Expansion 2:

Extra Variants: The Master Collection:

Cataph's Kraka Drak: The Norse Dwarfs 3.0:

Mixu's Unlocker - MIXER:

The Motherland:

Less Red more Art - UI mod - Mod Configuration Tool Update:

Variant Selector:

Legendary Characters:

Tomb Kings: Extended (May cause desyncs):

Better Camera Mod:

Female Daemonettes:

Building Progression Icons III:

Chaosbulls - Beasts Most Foul Edition:

Organic AI (CAI Overhaul Mod):

Better Defined/Brighter Borders:

Beasts Most Foul - Blessed-igors:

Patron Gods:

Mixu's Legendary Lords [BETA!]:

Mixu's Legendary Lords: Asset Pack:

Mixu's Slayer:

Gnoblar Hordes - The Unwashed Masses:

Alternative Unit Cards:

Unique Faction Currencies:

One Button Respec:

No Real Time Building:

The Jade-Blooded Vampires: Curse of Nongchang [BETA]:

Legendary Lore:

Daniel Painter - Paint your Daemon Prince:

OvN Lost Factions: Albion:

Pending Action Destroyer for Multiplayer/COOP:

Points of Interest with Pictures:

Recruit Defeated Legendary Lords:

Speedy Turn Camera:

Kratch Doomclaw, Supreme Warlord of Crookback Peak:

Heroes of the Skaven Clans:

Yard Dwarf Variant Lord Pack:

Mods That Don't Work

Kabandha Faction: (Hard Crash on Launch)

Immortal Landmarks: (Potential Hard Crash on Launch needs more testing)

Nanu's Pirates of Sartosa Overhaul: (Hard Crash on Launch)

Morathi Simple Slaanesh Expansion: (Hard Crash on Launch)


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