Why you don't need Cryo Stations

Why you don't need Cryo Stations

A Short Guide

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Upon arriving in a lava biome during campaign play you will experience many downsides to the region straight away. Without researching proper shielding, you will take damage over time.

Also you can only build on iced floors or so the game thinks. There is a trick to make it possible to place constructions without them:

Elemental Movement Skills!

It doesn't matter if it's cryo, energy, acid (I haven't tried fire btw, but it might actually work) jumps and dashes. Although dashes are much better, since they cover more ground.

Sadly you can't just research them, however if you destroy those pods that you find scattered around every map, chances are you get at least one of them at some point. In my playthrough I got practically all stages of energy dashes on the first map.

In the following picture you can see me cryo dash, while I'm in build mode with flooring selected.

As I dash, I leave a trail behind me. For some reason, this trail causes the ground to turn "blue". It becomes possible to place constructions for a short time. Yes, you have to be "quick", but you can place things there and they also stay there even if they are mid-construction when the effect on the floor ends.

It's worth noting that buildings will take damage on "fire" tiles, so it's recommended to place flooring first, which doesn't get damaged.

Then it's safe to place buildings on top!

Now you can make small floored areas around the map without constructing a Cryo Station. Flooring is something you should get either way (for the speed boost) and the whole act is cheaper and - depending on how much space you need - less time consuming.

Feel free to discuss this trick/ guide in the comments.

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