How to Zoom and guide Riftbreaker

Gameplay Basics/Hotkeys

0:00 Walls and OutpostsTo be safe, always double walls. I also like to place bits of wall out in front since the enemy stops to gnaw on them before they reach your actual base. Note that you don’t need to connect distant parts of your base. If you find some resources, build up power to sustain that mining operation and set up new walls.

0:16 Power (wind and solar)Early on you’ll use a lot of wind and solar power. You can mix and match but it’s wise to have

batteries for those times when the wind is slow or the sun isn’t shining. If you’re using solar panels you should build three panels for every one battery to cover energy costs at night. All mined resources will get pooled no matter where it is.

0:35 Rift Portal/Main Hub/Temporary PortalsIf this outpost is far from your main base, be sure to drop a Rift Portal. They’re cheap, have no upkeep, and you can teleport to them from the map screen. You can also teleport to your main HUB this way and the HUB actually heals you for free! What’s more is that every time you teleport you automatically leave a temporary portal behind meaning you can return to that exact spot later after you’re done with defending or whatever.

This temporary portal remains for a decent while and you can use it multiple times.

1:07 Easy Building/Defending TipsWhen a distant outpost depletes its resources, sell the old miners and build new ones on a nearby deposit without moving the entire base. Simply connect them remotely with Wire connectors. Holding down the build button will build wire connectors at max range whereas building other things by holding down the button will stack them next to each other.

If there’s no resources nearby, you can also build Carbonium and Ironium Synthesizers and leave the outpost to continuously produce resources for you!

If an enemy swarm is looming, you can easily defend or recycle the exposed miners. Enemy swarms are attracted to the nearest structure you built or you if you’re closer. In this way, you can pull large swarms away from your base.

Also, don’t forget to set up your own hotkeys for buildings you use a lot. For example, X builds a Sentinel Turret but I rarely built this tower later on preferring siege and splash damage instead so set up your hotkeys appropriately. And the left ALT button switches between different upgrade levels of a selected building!

1:51 Picker/Sell/Repair/Upgrade ToolHere are some final hotkeys and basic tips: The picker tool allows you to select a building so that you can build more of it. The sell, repair, and upgrade tool can all change size with the mouse wheel.

You can see how many resources are left in a deposit by switching to build mode. Also, press Q or E to switch left or right in this menu.

Finally, the Escape key will pause the game and grant you access to some important menus. They each have their own hotkey but I just accessed them from here.

This link provides a legend for all the symbols you will find on your buildings[]

Quick and Dirty Review of the game!

Gameplay Tips I Wish I Knew (Basic And Advanced)

0:03 Mod, Spire, and Gear colours Mods and gear come in 4 different colours: White is common (then blue, then purple), while Red is best. You can put mods in both your weapons and most defense towers but only at level 2 or higher. I liked to pack defense towers with all my white mods to declutter my mod menu!

Also this colour code applies to the spires as well. The reward and difficulty maxes at red spires. Once activated, enemies will spawn pretty far away and can even appear INSIDE your base if you built too close. I liked to use my radar scan right after I activated one of these to note where the enemies would come from.

0:33 Base Survival TipsAlways double wall when you know enemies will be coming from that direction but you don’t need to wall off the entire base since enemies are drawn to structures or you if you’re closer so lead them on a merry chase! You can also drop walls in front of a base to keep enemies distracted.

Hold down the build button to build things in a row or to build wire connectors at max range.

Remote mining bases don’t need to connect to your main base. The resources they gather still pool as long as they make their own power.

Use things like impassable terrain and bodies of liquid at the edges of your base since most enemies won’t pass through these.

1:05 Exploring Tips (ammo, resisted attacks, portals)Once you start building ammo factories and ammo storage units, they’ll use a bit of your resources to constantly regenerate your ammo. Note that some buildings have limits on how many can be built.

In combat enemies will briefly blink yellow or red to show how much damage they’ve taken. If your weapons are being resisted, craft or switch to something else.

Remember that you can teleport to your main hub or rift portals any time and leave behind a temporary portal to return later. The main hub even heals you for free!

Early on, I found the spear to be amazing with its long range and freezing ability but don’t be afraid to double wield ranged weapons and carry a variety to make sure that you don’t run out of a specific ammo.

1:40 Scanner, Bioscanner, Bioscanner Turrets, Harvesters and CultivatorsRemember to use your scanner to find hidden resources underground and your bioscanner to identify the flora and fauna. This lets you learn enemy weaknesses and also allows you to plant and harvest the different flora with your cultivator and harvester buildings (which is great to fill in gaps in your resources). Just make sure to select a plant to plant from your cultivator.

2:00 Remove metal floating balls in volcanic areaThe Jump ability can destroy the metal floating balls which screw with your radar and buildings.

If a building has a red box on it, it's got some problem[] . Often this means that the building is missing that resource as opposed to this symbol which shows that it’s currently full.

2:13 Orbital scanner (Outposts, Quests/Objectives)Once you start teleporting around the planet to different locations you’ll have the ability to drop up to 10 outposts max. They allow you to return to that location any time. You also spawn at the outpost if you die, but you still respawn without one so don’t sweat it.

If you try to leave without an outpost the location will be deleted and all structures will be recycled for you.

There’s 4 biomes in total (jungle, volcanic, acid, and desert) and you’ll need to visit each a few times completing quests to find the ultimate location with run out the resources you desire.

Leaving resource collectors will still pool resources for you while you're gone but these deposits will eventually run out. Consider dropping Ironium and carbonium synthesizers with your left over power buildings to create infinite resources.

Note that you can remove outposts without actually visiting the site via the Orbital Scanner tab.

Oh and when you encounter the growing yeast colonies, stop the spread by killing the tall node in the middle.

3:01 Rift Station TipsAll your hard work ultimately ends with building the Rift Station which you're supposed to do pretty early on. But you don’t need to keep the Rift Station up, instead recycle it and wait until the end game when you actually have all the materials to run it. You need a bunch of space and other buildings to keep it going anyways.

3:17 Zoom (camera_enable-zoom 1)Lastly, to zoom in and out, open the console and start typing “zoom” to find the command "camera_enable_zoom” and add a 1 to it. Turning this on can really break the game since it’s easier to spot and snipe enemies, find scannable items, and you can even use the teleport movement upgrade to skip long stretches of the map. It can slow down your performance though, especially when there’s tons of critters on the screen.

Making Power Tips I Wish I Knew

0:03 Wind, Solar, and BatteriesThe game recommends you diversify your power buildings and early on you can only use wind and solar power. Just note that solar panels should be built with a 3 to 1 ratio with batteries. Wind power doesn’t produce much but they run day and night. I still dropped at least one battery with wind power in case the wind slowed down.

0:19 Geothermal Powerplants, Gas PowerplantsGeothermal Powerplants provide power and water!

Once I unlocked Gas Powerplants, I preferred to set these up in most situations. Since enemies don’t cross liquids, I’d use these pools at the edge of my base and built a pump to feed my power buildings. If you have mud nearby, set up easy power with a pump > Water Filtering Plants > Bio Composters > and finally a Gas Power Plant. You’ll need something to kick start the system so I normally dropped one wind turbine as well.

If you’re near Sludge, build a pump > Gas Filtering Plant > straight into a Gas Power Plant.

In the volcanic zones you’ll want to research the magma powerplant to exploit the lava there.

0:51 Fusion Powerplant, Plasma, Supercharged PlasmaLater on, once you unlock the Fusion Powerplant, I recommend building at least one in your main base when possible. It not only creates energy for your base, but also produces plasma. Feed this liquid in to a Plasma Converter and you get Supercharged Plasma that you’ll need for some structures later on!

1:05 Liquid Compressor and DecompressorIf you don’t have a required liquid nearby, use liquid compressors to create a virtual liquid storage which can be accessed anywhere via the liquid decompressors. Just note that the decompressors need to select their liquid type before they’ll do anything.

1:19 Building and wire connecter tips.Lastly, holding down the build button normally builds things in a row but also builds wire connectors at max range.

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