Tips for Easy HQ management in campaign

Making HQ Base Management Made Easy

The main idea is to create an Outpost and manage most of your key buildings from there as they are safer. Some may call this an exploit. Once you have finished building your orbital scanner, you should soon be able to going out and explore other Biomes. This is when you can start. The first mission that I would suggest is doing Acid Plain Reconnaissance. Instead of completing the mission right away, explore as much as possible. You are going to want to explore to find a good placement for your outpost. The place where you come in is not always the best play to build the outpost.

This area should be full of Sludge, which is what make this a good place to set up an outpost. Once you have completed the research for Gas Power plants, the sludge will make it easy to power everything. For the map that I did, I used the geo scanner and found multiple Geo Thermal Vents for additional power and mud/water. With these resources, you should be able to move almost all of your key structures away from your HQ and build them at your outpost. So any structure that can share its functionality globally can be move here. So you can move your armory, research buildings and storage building to this Outpost opening up building space at your HQ.

The key here is that this mission/outpost map does not get any raids from attacking creatures. You only need to deal with the local creatures. Once you clear an area of the local creatures, you should be clear to build without the worry about creatures. I normally build a radar and rift gate at key building locations to be safe. So you could technically build across the whole map if you cleared it and not need to worry about creatures. This map still is not completely safe. You may not have to deal with creature hordes, but you will still need to handle Environmental events that can still damage your buildings such as meteor showers or earthquakes.

Besides everything being safer from creature raid, all of the additional power is very helpful. So the Sludge and Geothermal Energy have with the power hungry buildings such as Research. I also used the power to set up synthesizers for Carbonium and Ironium for when my mines run out. With the sludge you could also set up one of those cultivator farms that some consider overpowered if you wanted.

With most things built in this outpost, your main HQ will be easier to build your defenses. I believe that you really only have the key game buildings left at your HQ. You should only need to worry about managing power and your defenses.

Now for the main downside to this. You can only have 8 outpost or 10 with the DLC. The game has it so that there are 8 rare resources Each has a map that is made to create a good output for that resource. So you will be short on one of those maps. There are ways to offset that. . I consider the 4 Primary Rare resources and 4 Secondary Rare resources. The Secondary ones are ones such as Ferdonite and the other 3 Nites. They are only needed for making items and gear. So if you have a good amount of one secondary Resource, You can remove the large one stockpiled resource and start a new one for the last needed resource. If you upgraded your equipment, those resources don't have much use. The other option is to just set up a cultivator farm for it.

Final Statement

This is base all on my play experience. I know that there are many other ways to play. But I found this as a good way to learn what buildings do.


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