Beginner friendly Cleric Guide

Beginner friendly Cleric Guide


A very small guide to get you clerics started in a productive way. This got me to depth 30 without a real setback. I’m sure it will get me a lot further, and I might update this when I do get to mid / endgame and people would like some more info.

Gameplay - Passiv Buffer

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So, what’s it all about playing as a cleric?

Well basically it’s about passively buffing yourself up to the point you’re a real powerhouse and kill the enemy team.

To do so you need to focus on one creature at the very beginning: The Ancient spirit

This creature is the meat and bone of your setup early on. Later you can easily merge his power into a different creature to suite a different play style like I did in the example at the end of the Guide.

Next you will need sources of heal to proc these effects. I have multiple heals going and procing all the time so I buff up very quickly and keep the buffed units alive.

You already have the unicorn at the beginning and the other two can be obtained very very early from your first few battles. This basic setup will be your core until you discover other creatures later on that you prefer and feel more natural to whatever play style you like better at that time.

The vivifier will keep your team running early on so one hit kills in your team can be compensated.

In my current setup I am running a powerhouse in Attack, a powerhouse in magic and 4 support units that either trigger heals + resurrects or trigger passive magic attacks.

Combine your Team setup with the overheal perk as soon as you can to get those pre turn buffs going too! This will greatly enhance buffs like mending, leeching and heal at start of turn effects if you’re not injured.

Get all perks that reduce the damage you take and damage you do if buffed for obvious reasons. Don’t worry about barrier stuff for now.

My Current Team (Constant Changes... :) )

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The screenshot shows my team right after a normal battle in a portal in realm 29. All buffed and healed after winning.

Don’t worry about the exact units, its more about the general game play – Get buffy via healing, have one magic DD and one melee DD and go for the kill.

This example was my team after about 13h of leisurely playtime. It works very nicely and I can see several avenues of optimisation as the game opens up further along.

First Creature: Holycaster Unicorn and ancient spirit merge – keeps the buffs coming and heals single targets

Second Creature: Valkyrie Scout and Vivifier Unicorn merge – Melee Damage, Resurrection and retaliate.

Third Creature: Oculum Leech and Vivifier Unicorn merge – Second resurrector and buff leech – All melee attack from all allies heal on hit triggering further buffs each round.

Fourth Creature: Hemlock Ent and Ebony Ent merge – Heal at start of each creatures turn via mending, % heal and synergies of skills from both Ents. More Buffs!

Fifth Creature: Nearly useless placeholder for now… Aaxer Apocalypse and sand giant merge – Was a try to get a buffer for stats each round, but battles don’t last long enough to make it worth while at the moment. Will swap this after unlocking more creatures to play with.

Sixth Creature: Arcane Automaton and Pyromaniac merge – Debuffs enemy melee units and is the magic powerhouse by auto casting a magic damage attack every time a friendly unit casts any spell.

Update 12.05.21: This screenshot show my team after about 23h of game time and hitting realm 41. Just keeps evolving:

Update 13.05.2021 Story / Tutorial completet without a sweat, build is very solid for early game.

Well, that’s it for this very short first guide attempt. If you like it, have questions or want me to expand on it leave a comment. Artifacts, Relics and Cards will probably make a big difference later on, but for now its all pretty straight forward and you can go by what I have written above.

I truly love this game and what it promises for endgame and post story content!


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