Ready or Not Modders Guide

Guide: Introduction


In this guide you will learn how to mod your game files to include interesting mods.

I am not responsible for any of your game files, corrupting, and i am not responsible for any breakages your game may have, You are following this guide out of your free will, and acknowledge the risks of possible file corruption.

By continuing to read this guide past this warning, you relinquish all rights holding me accountable of your actions.

I am in no way affiliated, working for, sponsored, nor endorsed by Void Interactive to create this guide, I am creating this guide out of free will and to inform the community.

Verify The Integrity

The first thing in modding games files is to first, verify the integrity of your game files though steam. Once you have completed that, create a copy and move it to a HDD drive if possible, otherwise place it on your C drive.

This makes sure we have an exact copy of the original game.

Installing Mods

Next you will want to find the mods you would like to use for your game. You can find mods on Nexus Mods[] .

All mods that you download would be within a .zip file or .pak file.

Ready or Not uses .pak files to mod their game, it is unknown why, but they do.

Then you would want to go to your games directory, Right click in steam, go to properties, and click browse files.

Once you go that, go to ReadyOrNot then go to Content then paks.

Once you do that you can install the mods.

Playing With Others.

Now that you have installed Mods into your game, you will not be able to play multiplayer unless you unchecked your Server Side Checksum.

Server Sided ChecksumWhat is checksum? Checksum is a setting that detects if a player has the same mods as you, if they do they will be able to join, however if they have different mods then you, it will instantly kick them from the game.

This can be very annoying with players who don't know how to mod the game, or with others who don't want to turn it off because they think mods are bad.

Recommended Mods

Here is a list of some of the recommended mods that i suggestion all players should have, It makes the game better and i think that Void should just implement things like this.


Host Only: Only the Host can use this mod.

All Plauers: This mod can only be used if all players have it installed.

Old Wenderley Psych Hospital (All Players)[]

In-Game Menu (Host Only)[]

More Slots (Host Only)[]

More Nades (All Players)[]

Realistic AI (Host Only)[]


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