Map/AI Settings: "Hard but fair"

Download / Installation

Similar to kronzkys AI mod, this one aso adjusts the "AILevelData.ini" File, although in a rather different manner. I'll try to explain most of it further down.

To keep things simple, this one alreay comes as a pak-file so you just have to download the .pak

( ) and copy it to the following folder:

..\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks

If you're interested in adjusting my settings (as described by kronzky), you'll find a full copy of the config at the end of this guide.


AI is slightly slower to mitigate the animation desync and keep them reasonable, they are still very hard though.

AI has slightly lowered accuracy especially at range

Reduced vision range and cone for unaware AI

A bit more enemies

Higher chance for enemies to spawn with no weapon in their hands

Doors have a much higher chance to be open from the start (this can make some rooms really tricky to clear)

Enemies move around more

C2 is more intimidating

Killing suspects is more intimidating

Those are some of the general settings, the config also includes adjustments for individual maps where I thought it would make sense.

At the cherryessa farm for example the enemies are more organized and will not be intimidated as much by kills. The opposite is true for the juveniles at the gas station.

The number of traps varies depending on the map.

Some of the maps have no traps at all to allow for a more agressive approach.:

Crackhouse (BS)

Gas Station (Raid)

Port (Raid)

Some others have adjusted traps (only non-lethal ones) ...with a little surprise :

Car Dealership

Hotel (BS)

All others have 5 instead of 3 traps

I've also adjusted the amount of civilians and some other details depending on the map. I won't bore you with all the details, so here is a copy of the config:


[Global] ASTimeBetweenTargetingCivilians = 3.0 ASTimeBeforeTargetingFirstCivilian = 35.0 BTTimeUntilBombExplodes = 720 BTMaxBombs = 2 BTMaxDistanceFromSelectedBombs = 2500.0 HRMaxDistanceFromSelectedSpawner = 1500.0 HRMaxRoamers=2 PolicePresenceDecayTime = 40.0 SuspectHealth=175.0 SwatHealth=250.0 CivilianHealth=100.0 UnalertedSightRange=1500 AlertedSightRange=6000 UnalertedPerceptionHalfAngle=45 AlertedPerceptionHalfAngle=140 MaxCivilians=10 MaxSuspects=15 MaxRoamers=10 SuspectAccuracy=2.5 SuspectDefaultFireRate=1.0 SuspectRifleFireRate=0.175 SuspectRifleFireRateDeviation=(X=-0.25,Y=0.5) SuspectSMGFireRate=0.1 SuspectSMGFireRateDeviation=(X=0.0,Y=0.5) SuspectPistolFireRate=0.2 SuspectPistolFireRateDeviation=(X=0.0,Y=2.0) SuspectShotgunFireRate=0.5 SuspectShotgunFireRateDeviation=(X=0.0,Y=0.5) SuspectAccuracyLostPerMeter=0.2 SuspectAccuracyLostPerMeterSecond = 0.4 SuspectTimeWithWeaponUpBeforeFiring=0.7 ; A value in seconds SuspectCoverEvaluationCooldown=10.0 SuspectTrackLastKnownPositionTime = 50.0 RequiredTimeSpentOnTarget = 0.4 SuspectMoraleMediumReload=0.5 ;If morale goes below this use the medium reload speed SuspectMoraleLowReload=0.3 ;If morale goes below this use te slow reload speed AIStunDuration = 16.0 BeanbagStunDuration = 3.0 MinMorale=0.20 ; A value from 0.0 to 1.0 MaxMorale=1.0 ; A value from 0.0 to 1.0 KickDoorMorale=0.15 KillEnemyMorale=-0.6 GrenadeDetonateMorale=-0.4 BeanbagShotgunMorale=-0.3 PepperballMorale=-0.1 TaserMorale =-1.0 BashMorale = -0.25 C2Morale = -0.6 StunHealth = 100 GrenadeStunDamage = 100 BeanbagShotgunStunDamage = 100 PepperballStunDamage = 25 TaserStunDamage = 100 MinFlees=-1 MaxFlees=4 MaxTraps=5 TrapType=Explosive TrapType=Flashbang MaxLockedDoorsPercentage = 0.3 MaxOpenDoorsPercentage = 0.4 NoExitChanceToSurrender=0.25 NoExitChanceToFakeSurrender=0.35 NoExitChanceToGoArmedAndDangerous=0.5 NoExitTimeToHesitateSuspectArmed=1.0 NoExitTimeToHesitateSuspectUnarmed=5.0 NoExitTimeToHesitateUnarmed=20.0 SuspectChanceToSpawnWithNoWeapon=0.25 TimeToFireAtDoorAfterKick=3.0 SwatAccuracy=1.0 SwatTimeWithWeaponUpBeforeFiring=0.1 ; A value in seconds SwatRifleFireRate=0.175 SwatRifleFireRateDeviation=(X=-0.25,Y=0.5) SwatSMGFireRate=0.1 SwatSMGFireRateDeviation=(X=0.0,Y=0.5) SwatPistolFireRate=0.2 SwatPistolFireRateDeviation=(X=0.0,Y=2.0) SwatShotgunFireRate=0.5 SwatShotgunFireRateDeviation=(X=0.0,Y=0.5) SwatLessLethalFireRate=1.0 SwatLessLethalFireRateDeviation=(X=0.0,Y=0.5) SwatAccuracyLostPerMeter=0.0 SwatCoverEvaluationCooldown=2.0 SwatTrackLastKnownPositionTime = 5.0 SwatDoorLockpickDistance=70.0 SwatDoorKickDistance=50.0 SwatDoorShotgunDistance=50.0 SwatDoorC2PlaceDistance=80.0 SwatDoorTrapDisarmDistance=70.0 SwatDoorMirrorDistance=70.0 SwatDoorWedgeDistance=50.0 SwatDoorOpenDistance=25.0 ; For Open/Close Door command MaxDoorInteractionDistance=1000.0 [Lobby_V2] NoExitChanceToSurrender=0.0 NoExitChanceToFakeSurrender=0.0 NoExitChanceToGoArmedAndDangerous=0.0 MaxMorale=0.0 [ron_wb_combat_01a_BarricadedSuspects] MinMorale=0.7 [RoN_Meth_Core_BarricadedSuspects] MaxCivilians=5 MaxSuspects=25 MaxRoamers=10 MaxTraps=0 MinMorale=0.1 MaxMorale=0.5 TimeToFireAtDoorAfterKick=1.0 SuspectAccuracy=3.0 MaxFlees=5 SuspectChanceToSpawnWithNoWeapon=0.5 MaxOpenDoorsPercentage = 0.6 KillEnemyMorale=-0.8 [RoN_Dealer_Core_BarricadedSuspects] MaxCivilians=10 MaxSuspects=20 MaxRoamers=5 TimeToFireAtDoorAfterKick=6.0 MinMorale=0.5 MinFlees=-1 MaxFlees=2 MaxTraps=10 TrapType=Flashbang TrapType=Alarm [RoN_Gas_Core_BarricadedSuspects] MinMorale=0.15 KillEnemyMorale=-0.8 [RoN_Farm_Core_BarricadedSuspects] GrenadeDetonateMorale=-0.2 KillEnemyMorale=-0.3 MaxCivilians=5 MaxSuspects=25 MaxRoamers=5 SuspectAccuracy=2.0 MaxFlees=0 SuspectChanceToSpawnWithNoWeapon=0.05 MaxOpenDoorsPercentage = 0.7 [RoN_Hotel_Core_BarricadedSuspects] TrapType=Alarm MaxOpenDoorsPercentage = 0.8 MaxCivilians=15 MaxSuspects=20 MaxRoamers=10 [RoN_Gas_Core_Raid] MaxTraps = 0 [RoN_Port_Core_Raid] MaxTraps = 0 [RoN_Gas_Core_HostageRescue] MaxCivilians=5 MaxSuspects=10 MaxRoamers=3 MinFlees=0 MaxFlees=1 TrapType=Alarm [RoN_Port_Core_HostageRescue] HRMaxDistanceFromSelectedSpawner = 1500.0 HRMaxRoamers=3 MaxCivilians=3 MaxSuspects=10 MinFlees=0 MaxFlees=1 [RoN_Gas_Core_BombThreat] MaxCivilians=10 MaxSuspects=15 MaxRoamers=10 [ron_hotel_core_bombthreat] BTTimeUntilBombExplodes = 480 [RoN_Gas_Core_ActiveShooter]


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