How to make Crpes


250g flour

5tbsp(~12.5g) sugar

3 eggs

3dl milk

2dl beer

1 pinch of salt

That's it. That's all you need.

How To Prepare The Batter

This may sound crazy but... just put everything in a container and mix it, bonus points if said container makes it easier to pour the batter afterwards.

If your flour is too clumpy use a fine mesh strainer and force it through, this way the dough will get smoother.

How To Actually Make The Crêpes

In short:

Oil in the pan - heat it.

Batter in.

Sway pan to make crêpe flatter.

Check edges: golden-brown.

Flip the crêpe.

Check edges: golden-brown.

Serve it, re-butter if necessary, repeat.

In detail:

You want to use a flat pan - doesn't have to be one of these fancy pans for crêpes that'll cost ya 2 monthly wages.

If you can hit those 360 no-scope flipshots with the pan, go for it. I personally use a regular spatula to flip. Be careful with your fingers if you do try to use them to make things easier.

Alright, here's the tricky part if it's your first time:

Get your pan, slap it on your stove top and heat that bad boy. Add vegetable oil or anything similar you prefer, butter works as well. Don't put the bottle (or stick) away yet, you'll need to re-lubricate a couple of times.

Let the pan get warm first and if you feel it being hot enough, go for it: pour some of the batter in, it should form a disc in the middle of the pan, sway it around so it gets even flatter.

Sway the pan or use the spatula to prevent the crêpes from sticking too much.

Check on the edges by flipping it a little: if it's golden-brown, you're good to go - flip that sexy sheet of goodness. If it has some brown spots, don't worry, it's still good.

Re-check the edges and if it looks good, plate it up.

Sike, it wasn't tricky at all, gotcha!

Congratulations, that's a crêpe. Now for the rest of the batter.

Repeat the process until you have the amount you want or the batter's all used up.

If the pan's not oily enough, butter it up.

If you are not using an induction, you might want to turn the heat down a little after a couple runs, it gets faster and faster as time goes on and it might be hard for your first time.

Take it easy and go with your pace mate.

Closing Words

You did it! (or just read it idk)

You can store the batter in the fridge, you just need to mix it again, the beer is gonna separate.

Eat with anything you want; chocolate, nutella, fruits, sugar, cheese, ham, whatever makes you feel better.

By the time you made the crêpes, your teammates should be ready.

If not, prepare the batter for another day or someone else, or try one of the other guides' recipes.


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