How to get S rank

What To Do

Hello everyone

Not everyone knows we have S ranks in game so i will explain what to do to get S.

You cant trigger any trip wire (Defuse all 3)

You cant kill suspect (Arrest them, if one suspect dies reset)

If any civilian dies insta reset

Nobody from your team cant get shot. (Hit in your armor counts too you can press T to see if someone from your team is injured)

Make sure to report everything (All suspects, civilians pick all guns)

Time doesnt matter here so just take your time and make sure you did everything right.

And one last thing if you play in 5 people you get 500 points if noone was injured and if for example 2 you get 200.

Keep in mind that every map and gamemode is different so it will take some time to practise

And then Enjoy S


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