How to fail successfully, and go from midnight to midday in the process

How to fail successfully, and go from midnight to midday in the process



That's right folks. I'm gonna give an amazing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ guide on how to give hearing loss to anything that lives. While completely unpredictable, this strategy can prove useful. Most of the time.


Arming yourself and your squad

Let's jump right into the steps to make everyone on site completely deaf, sometimes dead , and blind!

Make sure everyone in your squad and yourself has heavy armor, covering front, side & back w/ steel plates & ballistic masks. At least for me, the AI have infinite ammo, so giving them a lot of ammo is unnecessary. Anti-Flash goggles are recommended for you, the player. The armor come in handy later when a squad member decides to slug you in the bag with 40mm round. This has killed me twice ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ignore the 99 slots & NIV Steel. I use mods.

Arm your pals to the teeth with M32A1's and flashbangs. Long-Tacticals are up to you

{OPTIONAL} Give yourself an M32A1 with max ammo. (Remove all secondary ammo & some throwables 'n crap)

Make sure the map you want to paly on has little to no small spaces or corridors. This is how the AI can POSSIBLY get confused and shoot you in the back, though this doesn't happen 50% of the time if your not in their way.

How To Use

How to somewhat effectively utilize your squad

Learning what to do and not do can be a process of trail & error, although it wouldn't take long to figure it out. But I'll explain it for you.

Send your squad into every room FIRST. This way they'll stun or kill anyone and maybe everyone in that room. That will give you time to move in and detain suspects. If a member dies, move on.

Do not get in their way AT ALL. Your AI SWAT members will not hesitate to shoot at AI while you're in their way, and that most often kills you.

Try to break your squad up and send the two squads to different places. The flashes will likely stun everything, so they might be alright by themselves. I haven't tested this myself, so feel free to do so.

Thank You For Wasting Your Time

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Alright I've spent way too much time on this.

Bye bye


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