Earn Money Faster & Maximize Profits

Key Points

Know the real budgets. Story job budgets can be ignored. Non-Story jobs allow 10% over-budget with no star penalty.

On Upgrade and Repair jobs, replace as many parts as you can!

Install only New parts into Customer PCs.

Install only Used parts into PC Bay PCs, overclocked and benchmarked to earn more.

Important: Be sure to COMPLETE the benchmark, before putting the PC Bay sticker on!

Save on Shipping! Batch multiple days of customer orders into a single Next Day shipment.

Save on the Utility Bill! Turn off the lights every day, before you leave the office.

It's okay to be ruthless. This is a game, and a 5-star customer is happy!

Resale Values Of Parts

New Part:

New part prices are worth 3 times the Used part resale values.

Value: 3x Used Part being Sold:

Used part resale values are worth 1/3 the New part prices.

Value: 1x Used Part in Customer PC:

You charge the customer an extra 25% when you put a Used part into a Customer PC.

Value: 1.25xUsed Part on PC Bay:

The value is the Used Part value, with 20% fluctuation per the Market.

Value: 0.8x to 1.2xUsed Part in a non-benchmarked PC Bay PC:

The value is the Used Part value, with 20% fluctuation per the Market.

Value: 0.8x to 1.2x Used Part in a benchmarked PC Bay PC:

Benchmarked PC Bay PCs will earn you the most money!

Run 3DMark to benchmark a PC Bay PC.

This drastically increases the Resale Value of the entire PC!

The value depends on 3DMark Score: 1000 score = 1.0x value, 10000+ score = 3.0x value (New Part value!)

Value: 1.0x to 3.0x

Getting Used Parts - The Basics

Know the Budget Limits Story job budgets can be ignored (unless required in red), so replace all the parts that you can!

Non-Story jobs have a 10% tolerance, so multiply by 1.1 to use the real budget limit.

If you stay below the real budget limit, you will not be penalized with a 1-star rating.

Upgrade & Repair Jobs - Replace these parts Upgrade for a 3DMark score: Can replace: Motherboard, CPU, CPU Cooler, GPU(s), RAM, Power Supply Fix/Upgrade CPU: Must replace: CPU

Can also replace: CPU Cooler, Motherboard, Power Supply Fix/Upgrade GPU(s): Must replace: GPU(s)

Can also replace: Power Supply Fix/Upgrade Liquid CPU cooler: Must replace: Liquid CPU Cooler

Can also replace: Case Fans Fix/Upgrade other part: Must replace: Only that part

PC Bay - Buy Used Parts and Used PCs I highly recommend buying every Used part and Used PC, available on PC Bay.

Definitely buy every Used Part, even if you don't need it for a build yet. You will.

Especially buy the Broken PCs, because they earn great profits.

Sometimes a "Broken PC" will even have nothing wrong with it!

Getting Used Parts - Advanced

Use the "HTML Calculator" guide to find the cheapest solutions, to replace more parts

Example scenario: Need a CPU/GPU that is better

Use the HTML Calculator, to find the cheapest solution

Use the rest of the budget to replace the other optional parts, to get more free Used parts!

Tips For PC Bay PCs

PC Bay Basics

Bootup Bonus - When you boot the system, Resale Value increases by $100.

Benchmark Bonus - When you benchmark the system using 3DMark, Resale Value increases to be 1.0x-3.0x the Used Part value.

Important: Be sure to COMPLETE the benchmark, before putting the PC Bay sticker on!

Part Combinations

Pair expensive parts with high-performing parts.

The high performance boosts the value of the entire PC, including expensive parts.

If you plan on overclocking for more value, then try not to pair a non-overclocking motherboard with an overclocking CPU, and try not to pair an overclocking motherboard with a non-overclocking CPU.

Completing Builds with New Parts

Should you buy any New Parts to complete a build?

In general, try not to do this. Just wait until you can get the final Used Part for your build.

But if you have all parts except a few, and don't want to wait anymore, just buy the cheapest New Part that you need. You can still expect to make a profit.

Pro Tip: If you need a Case for a PC Bay build, buy the "CORSAIR Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB", because you can put the New Case Fans into Customer PCs, and miraculously earn a profit for using that case in a PC Bay PC!

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