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Quick Reference Guides

How Much Ammo To Bring

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A frequent Question is how much ammo to bring.

Based on 20mins of firing for Offensive weapons and 4mins for Defensive weapons (PD etc)

Numbers are for one weapon/PD. Multiply these numbers base on how many of each you bring. See example at the bottom of each picture.

Points rounded up to the nearest multiple of each ammo type so you get the most out of your points.

Considers the base weapon/PD and then up to 3 buffing modules (such as the ammo elevators or EREGs) as after three I believe the efficiency drops off.

Updated the original numbers post Modular Missile Update.

Gun Reloading Terms

Autoloader - the internal magazine of a weapon.

Recycle time - the time taken for the gun to reload using ammo from the autoloader

Reload time - the time taken to reload the guns autoloader

Full explanation see video


Expected Radar Detection Ranges

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These reference guides will show expected ranges at which each hull will be detected by each radar.

MAX RCS (Radar Cross Section) - Generally the broadest/flatest part of the ship.

Angled - minimised RCS possible based on heading and roll.

See http://nebfltcom.wikidot.com/hull:list for the RCS modellingwith ARR (Adaptive Radar Receiver) - helps detection, used in testing only on corvettes and frigates as they are the smallest and hardest to detect.

see video for breakdown of Radar Mechanics


see video for testing method and visualisation


Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2866051324					

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