How to change battle size bypassing ingame option

How to change battle size bypassing ingame option

Basic Information

We are going to be going into the config of M&B Warband and changing the battle size.

There are a couple of things that you should know that include:

1. Even with a high end pc, you shouldn't go over 1000 troops on the battlefield unless you like lag.

2. Since max battle size ingame is 150, in the config files, 1 whole number means 150 troops, so if you would like either 300, 450, 600, 750, 900 troops then what you would need to do is type, Decibles just add more exact amount of troops.

300 = 2.0000, 450 = 3.000, 600 = 4.0000, 750 = 5.000, 900 = 6.0000

Other information is listed in the steps.

Step 1

Exit the game and go to "My Pc"

Step 2

Click on the documents tab then go to Mount And Blade Warband

Step 3

Click onto Rgl_config

Step 4

Press Ctrl F and type "Battle" or just find it by yourself

Step 5

How to change battle size bypassing ingame option image 16

Get the amount you want then,

Get a calculator or Prepare to do Math in your head.

Get your chosen amount and divide it by 150.

ex. I want 400 so 400 divided by 150 = 2.6666


Battle size = 2.6666

Always 4 Decibles at the end.

End result depending on what size you chose:


Optionally you can install battle sizer, This allows you to easily choose up to 1000 troops.


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