A couple of tips for dealing with dumb partner AI

How To Stop Head-to-Head's

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a couple of things I've learned when dealing with the terrible AI of our lovely partners in MH Stories.

When your partner and the opposing monster are about to do a HtH and you know for sure they are about to get their butt kicked:

1.) Go into your items and use a trap that corresponds with the attack being used. (Shock trap for Power, Pitfall trap for Speed, and Tranq for tech) This will knock that monster out and it will be unable to go through with the HtH. However traps don't work on enraged monsters and I dont believe they work on the raged-rayed either.

2.) Equip a Gunlance and make sure you have learned the protect skill - Found in a subquest in the felyne shelter I think. Using this skill will pull the opposing monster out of the HtH and they will hit you instead. This wont work if the monster is going to hit everyone though but great for stopping HtH's.

If the HtH is going to be a draw I just let them smack each other, usually it's not a big deal. I also like to use the HH song Mettle Overture just to keep the partners topped off in-case you can't stop the HtH's.

I thought I'd share these tips because I've noticed a lot of players struggling with the AI problem and wanted to share what has helped me deal with this issue. Hopefully you find this info helpful and If anyone else has any tips I encourage you to share them as well.

Happy Hunting

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2817944027					

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