S3LF Eater mini guide

Precursor Info

Some information before you start


-You do not need to start a new campaign

-You should play as the sheriff, since he has the unique ability to never run out of ammo, even after he has no mags left

-If you play as the sheriff, you should use the dissonance lance due to the infinite ammo trait, it takes a little under 3 magazines from the dissonance lance to kill the eater (break one corpus)

-You can find a guaranteed dissonance lance at the top of the science tower where gestalts body lies, at the very edge where the popup armories are at

-If any playable character gets caught in a charge against the S3LF Eater and the eater picks them up, after roughly 3 seconds, they will be permanently killed until you switch areas (you cannot revive them)

-The S3LF eater can pick up anyone, including enemies, during this time, the self eater will become exposed so that you may attack him from them back like a stunned brute, half mag, or golem. Doing this wont do much damage but will free the thing about to die to the eater.

-Locations of all holographic graffiti and sword part locations are entirely randomized

-Killing the eater and investigating the leftover scrap pile will tell you which sector the next graffiti or part location is at, you have to do the extra searching yourself.

The Start

Now to find the robotics lab

In the science tower area of the open world you will find building with a sign saying "security & processing", it will be found just outside of the transfer point from the industrial sector to the science tower courtyard on the science tower side. on top of that building there will be a sign saying "ROBOTRONICS LABS" and under the sign is a door with a blue neon painting of your new worst enemy for a couple of in game hours, the "S3LF Eater". Entering the door is rather straight forward, go all the way down the hallway while passing cubicle after cubicle till you get to the end and enter the door. you shouldnt need this much information unless your a dolt or just thinking you have missed something. Once past the door, there is a shrine you must inspect, doing so you will experience a blast and any character near the shrine will be blown away. Queue brief monologue and you should go out the way you came.

Go to the portal (what is that?) it is an 8 toothed hollow gear with a red light in the ground, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Kill the cyber bandits inside and read the book on the stand.

You now must find 5 holographic graffiti.

Now to fight the self eater, you arent getting anywhere without.

Kill it, search its mechanical remains to get the location of the first holographic graffiti. Now do that 4 more times or get lucky and find the next graffiti without help. You will still need to kill this walking tank more than once though, so it will help a ton to have the sheriff as your player-character (due to the unlimited ammo).

The Middle

After finding all 5 of the holographic graffiti, go to the portal and the mysterious locked door on the other side will be magically unlocked, now proceed. You will fight more cyber bandits of course, and at the end you will duel with a cyber brute that is duel wielding dissonance lances. Good Luck!

After leaving, you will be tasked with assembling the prime blade (the one your rear-end broke in the beginning) to do this you must seek 4 scattered parts around the open world area. These holes look like the portal to the bandit lair you had do jump into just earlier, except they are bright blue (they also spawn on the ground unlike the graffiti). You can find the location of these by killing the eater and searching his remains. Once you have assembled the blade, return to the bandit lair (the red portal) and assemble it at the altar the cyber brute was sitting at the first time around. You may duel the eater now that you have the prime blade. (dont throw the blade though, its not easy getting it back from what I know) once you have killed the eater, you must resheath the blade into the shrine (the one you broke at the beginning of the game, you troglodyte specimen) and the eater will be contained. Have fun wondering who Dr. Gonne is and having the blade in its own individual mission loadout because there is nothing more for you.

The End?

If your really bored, you can get out of the game (go to the main menu) and go back into the game just to start this stuff all over again by breaking the shrine again (and earning the reward of the dumbest, clumsiest, liability ever) and deal with the eater once more as you restart this mini campaign.


If you have anything worth adding to this guide, please tell me in the comments.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2963477917					

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