"Burger Detective" Achievement Guide

"Burger Detective" Achievement Guide

1. Introduction

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Welcome to the guide! This guide will help you complete the "Burger Detective" achievement.

This achievement can be pretty difficult if you don't know what you're doing. Luckily for you, I'm here to help!

This guide will go over how to begin the "burger quest" and where to find all of Gil's packages.

I will be listing the locations of the packages in the order of what stages they are located in.

Without further ado, Let's begin!

2. Beginning

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To begin the achievement, you must first play through "Beat The Streets" until you enter Gil's Burgers.

You are required to take the ticket and wait for Gil to appear, afterwards, do NOT enter the boss room. There will be a table with a food bag infront of the counter, walk over to it and interact with it.

*Note: The table will not be highlighted, this will be common throughout the achievement.

After interacting with the table, you will be given a list of locations to visit. These will be where the packages will be.

*Note: You can always return to Gil's Burgers to see what packages you've found.

Now that we've seen the list, we can finally go and find those burgers!

3. Package Locations

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Now that we've begun the achievement, I'll go over where to find each and every package. Do note that I'll be listing their location by what Stage they appear in chronological order.

Make sure to don your best attire and let's go burger hunting!

Note: You are not required to wear the Burger Chef outfit, but you sure as hell look cool doing so.


The EscapeThe first package can be found in The Escape, after arriving in the junkyard, it can be found by the ledge before the broken bus.

Is it a bus or a truck? I can't decide what it is.

The OutskirtsThe second package can be found in The Outskirts, inside the Q-Mart building, it can be found on the counter near the bell.

I doubt these bandits even know what a burger is.

Power PlayThe third package can be found in Power Play, after entering Rich's room, it can be found on the desk near the two switches.

The only payment Rich is ever gonna get.

The Boom FactoryThe fourth package can be found in The Boom Factory, after defeating the Gunner Twins, it can be found the explosives room next to the C4.

Burgers are a dangerous weapon.

The RooftopsThe fifth package can be found in The Rooftops, near the Mission Board, it can be found on an rooftop overlooking a MERC building.

A beautiful view to enjoy burgers with.

Flood ControlThe sixth package can be found in Flood Control, inside the secret room with the chainsaw, it can be found nearby.

Who put that chair there?

The Last LegThe seventh package can be found in The Last Leg, inside the room before the bridge with the robot and scientist, it can be found a table.

You should pay attention to that sign.

Base JumpingThe eighth package can be found in Base Jumping, inside the G03LM Shower Room, it can be found behind the front desk.

Seems like the Gunner Twins won't be able to pick up their order.

Climb!The ninth package can be found in Climb! Inside the lab after the Gestalt holdout section, it can be found at the very end of the firing range's table.

Advanced warfare.

The RushThe tenth and final package can be found in The Rush, inside Phobos' office, it can be found on a desk near the entrance.

Phobos' last wish before he died was to eat a burger, true fact!

4. Conclusion

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As soon as you collect the final package, you should unlock the achievement. Note that the achievement progress won't show up in game, so make sure you check on Steam from time to time.

Thank you for checking out my guide! If you found this guide useless, consider rating it/reward it/whatever you do with guides. This is my first guide so please let me know if there's anything I can improve on.

If you want a guide on another achievement, please let me know in the comments.

Good luck achievement hunting, fellas!

Enjoy this meme!

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