[MODDING]How to mod the story and the arena mode

[MODDING]How to mod the story and the arena mode

Recommendations And Requirements (1)




This is May's modding guide. Really useful. I am not going to bother explaining

some things, that is because you already have this guide. It also shows you how

to download NEM and the Dossier too! Respects to the mad lad/(man?) that

May is. Really good modder!

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mh8mZdDvopGfQFcNuweit6yz4fTZ12Sp?usp=sharing <-

Madness:Not Enough Madness made by XDefault_______________________________|

For making Mods for Madness Project Nexus (with NEM) check out Dark Signal's Dossier (https://darksignal.newgrounds.com/news), go to the post that was published in August 7th from 2020 and check out "The Project Nexus Dossier". At the end of that section there's an orange colored word that says "here" touch it and download the file.

Prepare EVERYTHING Before Starting (2)

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REMEMBER! YOU NEED Madness: Not Enough Mod!!!!

Prepare your characters, anim sets, moddified weapons, "wardrobes" (i'll explain about it later), loadouts, text chatter, etc,... doesn't matter how you do it, making it with the Dossier, reading the game's files, using the NEM files, it doesn't matter. Prepare it.

You are going to need it.

If you are new to this, save your files, you know the deal, losing your files/corrupting them/messing with them happens ALL THE TIME.

Just keep them in somewhere else.

Remember this example, i use it for making packs. Also, make sure you put the right file in each section, all the types of files have totally different codes!

This is the longest and boring part of the progress, but once you are done, the fun can begin.

Inserting Files (for Dossier People) (2.5)

For people who use the Dossier, which include me and the most of you if you want to actually make something creative. Once you are done with the files, Pass/copy them to their corresponding folders in the game's files. You will probably do this again in testing, because you have to pass again a file to the dossier to update it through and then pass it again. Remember, pass the files correctly.

Testing (3)

Finally! Now it starts to get a little bit fun. If you want to actually post something, you will obviously have to test the files, you don't have to make the community let you know about YOUR errors, so think about the community bug report as something that has to be really hard to detect for you to not have perceived it in this phase. So, to avoid any player suffering, test it out. I don't reccomend you to do death events with armor or corpus, because it's really buggy and it's difficult for it to work. Obviously the first thing you would want to do is test the characters, because you will usually put most of the things you've done to them. If they all work, it's fine. If you want to check other things like modded weapons, loadouts and wardrobes, just search for the weapon on the playground, activate all the loadouts and wardrobes with the cheat menu from NEM. If you did the lifting work on the Files part, then this part won't last too long, so yes, sadly, if you don't want to suffer that much, put all your work on the files part.

Modding The Madness (4)

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You are walking through a good path. Now, you know that everything works like it should.

Go to the game files, enter the data, then the custom folder and, depending on WHAT you want to do, you can do the following:

Change a custom arena level

Change a custom story level

For me, the easiest is the story levels.

Possible questions:

How do you change the Name and the short name of the level? just put whatever you want between the " ". Exactly the same with the description for the level. DO NOT PUT A " BETWEEN THE " "

How do i put music in the level?


This is an example. If you want to put music, put Madness project Nexus music, not any other, just search the ost for THIS game. But, hey, you still didn't answer my question! To do this, search who made the song (chesyre or Locknar), and the whole name. So just change the autor and the name, Nothing else. But what if the song has multiple words? Just put the whole name. You don't need to put the "_".

What are the files? The "Com" files means comercial sector,

"Res"=Residental sector

"Ind"=Industrial sector

"Mine"=Mining sector


"Sci"=Science Tower

Also, the science Tower "1" level stands for the first level. The "2a" stands for the Sandford and Hank level. The "2b" stands for the Jebs and Deimos level. The "3a" stands for The Rush...

the "3b" level stands for the twist level.


As you see, to add the objectives, you have to go down a line and put the first " just down the "n". If that's not the only objective, when you close the " " put a coma, go down a line and do the same again.

To add any extra playable characters,

you can see the line to put the "{" and "}". If you want to do any extra characters, you'll see the last "}" doesn't have a coma, so add it and do the same character code you see in the text. (What i mean is, when you do add the coma to the "}" go down another line and put a "{" on the first red line i'm indicating you, then, go down ANOTHER line and put the:

"MyCharacter": "Put your character here",

"DefaultLoadout": "Put your loadout here",

"DefaultWardrobe": "Put your wardrobe here"

in line just like all the others. If it's right, it should look like this:

(all the first " should be in line)

If you did not understand A SINGLE WORD about what i said then just follow the code logic.

PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!!! (5)

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If you did everything right, you can play. After a long coding project sesion, you can play again. Test the level. Test if it works. Remember that if you don't do something correctly then the game will just put the normal level. Remember, to test custom stages, activate them in the cheat menu in NEM.

Also, remember the characters order if you want certain character to do the dialogues. What i mean is, i want, i dunno, my character "homeless bandit" to say sandford's dialogue from that level, i just gotta see the level's menu character order. If sandford in the level menu is in the left, he's the 1 character.

Example of glorious custom level success.

Modding The Arena (6)

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[MODDING]How to mod the story and the arena mode image 68

Really, really similar to the arena, if you want to add any extra enemies, just see the logic of the coding and follow the "line" of the "{" and "}".

The music changing works the same as the story, same for the desc and name of the level. Here something changes though, you can't put a character with multiple loadouts, the enemy character will always use it's default weapon instead of the loadouts.

How does the pattern work? Good one trying to figure out how it works.

But, i do know something about it, for example, you can change in the file's section "bosses" the type of character that the boss will be. Have in count, the boss will appear at the same order, this is the order of bosses in fast track: First boss at the last level of the first wave session, same for the second one, but in the third session, in the 2nd vagon a boss will appear and another will appear at the 4th vagon. The rest of the infinite guys aren't really bosses, they are meant to be shown as a new enemy, unless, of course, you wanna make the infinite waves a boss rush. Other thing about patterns of the bosses, you can also change the weapons that the boss will have and what they will say. The other

" " are for the "phases", the dialogues will appear when the boss loses a corpus, have in count, the boss will not say anything when he dies.

The generation scales? don't touch them. Also, the add units per wave is subjective, so usually 5 enemies will be more, if you put 10 it will be like normal agents in fast track. Meanwhile, the total of units is exact. Too many enemies, something you wrote wrong, an error, or too many types of enemies will completely bug the custom level.

?????? (7)

I don't have all the time in the world. But in a while i will. So, please, if you need to know something, i'll may add it to the guide or just explain it to you.


Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2847362987					

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