Madness Difficulty Unlocker


Yes, Project Nexus is fun, but it could be better. After a while, the combat feels like a slog-- why can't it be like the animations?

It can be: Madness difficulty increases the damage both you and enemies receive, but it's locked until you complete a mission or arena checkpoint first. This changes that. Play on Fun-Mode™ the first time, every time.


Download the latest version from

1. Navigate to...

\steamapps\common\Madness Project Nexus 2\Madness Project Nexus_Data\Managed

2. Rename the "Assembly-CSharp.dll" inside of "Managed" to "Assembly-CSharp.dll.bak"

3. Copy the provided "Assembly-CSharp.dll" into the "Managed" directory

It's that easy.

If you have issues, restore from your backup file.

Warning: this will break every time the game updates. There's no way for me to fix this, but updating the mod should be easy whenever it the game does update.


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