how to beat hard sell a bit easier ? (For Real)

how to beat hard sell a bit easier ? (For Real)

First Step :Hire People

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This step is important , i mean , who the hell don't hire anyone at this point of the game anyway?

but in this stage , you need some ..... set up , i use the beta version so there are mix of 6 people in a stage

for team of four , use 2 melee , 2 gun man as a team

for the team of six , use 3 gun man , 3 melee

for a team of three (a bit hard) use 1 melee , 2 gun man in a team

if your team is less then 3 people , don't think about beating it , unless you are a god or some kind

(disclaimer: i try beating with 2 people but just can't , maybe i was just bad)

Step 2 : Ready Gear !

this is one of the step where you can freely choose your weapon

for the guns , you might need to bring some of the high ammo count gun as the massive enemy wave , or you can just pick up their gun when they die anyway

for melee , Bring Long range melee weapon! , Trust me , long Range melee Weapon can help A lot in this Stage , as a single hit of that stop the enemy destroy the part of the container , also good for cleaning wave of enemy as well [light saber time!]

as for the armor , well you can let the melee having a high def armor and gunner have their ammo up armor , you can freely choose it yourself anyway

as for tinkerer , this will be much easy , due to you can just make a OP weapon out for Every gun man in the team , you can see the guild of making OP weapon in here

Step 3 ,Going In

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Now this might need some time to plan , so don't just start yet!

first of all step , tell your gun man to stay in cover! this can help them stay alive a bit longer , also keep them aiming at the container for keep it save (or aim at the road they coming to it)

As for the melee ,Just keep them all next to the container (Keep one For dealing with the Gate opener) , as the enemy come to destroy it , they can't really touch it anyway

now for the important part , do not move away from the container , as your dumb AI don't really can defend that on their own , so you have to do your job as well

Step 4 :wait

Yeah , just wait for them to come , and kill them , that it!


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