[Arena Mode] Swap control to a hireling

[Arena Mode] Swap control to a hireling


There are two choices, you can download the already edited Assembly-CSharp.dll which contains a simple change needed to allow swapping between Hirelings, or if you either distrust a download from a random like myself, or simply want to know how it is done manually, then continue reading.


Needed Program

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If you've read other guides oriented towards modding/configuration, then you can probably assume what program you'll need to make these changes.


dnSpy is a .net assembly editor and what we will be using to edit a snippet of this game's code.

Simply download the dnSpy-net-win64.zip in the link above and lets get started.


Be cautious when editing using this program, as mistakes made and unaccounted for can break certain parts of the game, or it can simply stop the game from running at all.

If this happens, just run steam's "Verify integrity of game files" option in the steam library.

Sifting Through Pain (code)

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After you presumably extracted the zip to a location of your liking and opening the exe, you might wonder what nonsense you're looking at.

Don't worry, nothing that's currently on screen matters to us, just navigate your mouse over to File in the upper left corner and select Open.

Navigate to your MADNESS:Project Nexus folder:

C:\Users\YOURNAME\WHERESTEAMISINSTALLED\Steam\steamapps\common\Madness Project Nexus 2

Then click on the Madness Project Nexus_Data folder, then the Managed folder.

You'll see a bunch of dll's to pick from, however the most important one for our needs is the Assembly-CSharp.dll, go ahead and double click it.

After opening the dll, navigate to the arrow next to Assembly-CSharp.dll, this will expand the file and expose the contents of the dll.

Click the arrow on the section with brackets "{ }" just below "References"

You will get a huge list of code doo-dads, keep scrolling down until you happen upon Controller_Player, expand it by clicking on the arrow.

After expanding Controller_Player, scroll through the orange text until you see one labeled as SwapControllersWithSquadmate there are two of them however, pick the one above the other.

Still with me? That's good.

Bring your mouse over to the Analyzer Window (right next to the Assembly Explorer) and right click and select Edit Method (C#)...

A window will pop up, allowing you to mess with a certain line of code which will allow us to swap control with a hireling.

Head over to line 40 and edit it like so:

Make sure line 40 looks like this in the end:



Press the compile button and then save the changes made.

Open the game, enter any stage with any number of hireling and (hopefully) Voila!

You can control your hireling now!


Edited Assembly-CSharp.dll to match the changes made above, If you use NEM, or an older version of the game, you'll have to follow the guide above to make the changes needed, the download below is for the latest version of the game as of writing.

Put the Assembly-CSharp.dll in your "Managed" folder.



Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2968636041					

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