How to destroy kaycee's mod with a geck (Outdated)

How to destroy kaycee's mod with a geck (Outdated)

The Geck

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You obviously need a geck for this to work, so you'll have to chose the starting deck with the geck already there. Once you've done that, try to get the field mice when you're with the trader. If you don't get it there, you can either try to get it sometime later and risk being vulnerable for a little bit, or you can purposely die and try again in a new run (Just be aware if you end the run by using the menu you'll lose a pelt to trade with).

Once you've got the mice and geck, head to the nearest sigil altar and create your now duplicating geck. And so it begins...

Playing The Run

Congratulations, it's likely that every time that card shows up in your deck it's an instant win. But if you played this game, you know that if you're not too careful, your deck will pile up with so many cards that you will never see it again.

To avoid this, the rest of your choices on the map should be dedicated to getting as few cards as possible. Here's a list of some of the places you should head towards:

The Goo Mage: By far the best place to go, as you can copy your geck

Bonfire: Upgrade your geck or have a chance of getting one of your cards eaten (I wouldn't bother increasing its health, as you have an infinite supply of gecks now).

Bone Lord: Get rid of one of your cards in exchange for bones! Everybody loves bones!

The woodcarver: As if your geck wasn't already powerful, now give it an extra sigil

Cave Trial: Fail it on purpose, as long as your deck is still small enough, there's no more need for other powerful cardsAny other events that wont give you a card or will remove one under special circumstances like the trader, mycologist, or item bag are all good places to go. But what cards should you pick when you have to? Any cards that can stall for time such as the mole, mole man, bullfrog (I have died more times to a raven than any other card in this game), beaver, etc., are what you should put into your deck as you wait for your geck to arrive. You could also get a magpie to instantly draw your geck.


I really enjoyed decimating an entire forest with a single card, I hope you have just as much fun as I did doing this. Feel free to add to anything I missed in this guide. I've had a ton of fun playing this game and taking it's mechanics to the limit.

Good Luck!


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