GOAT, the fat way to goat yourself through Skull Storm (Kaycee Mod)

The Problem And Our Tools

Skull Storm is a frankly unfair achievement to get and uses the most brutal challenge modifier in Kaycee Mod, the Grizzly Mod, that makes most runs practically impossible to beat without being able to see into the future.

Specifically the problem with the grissly mod is that it replaces the act 1 boss second phase as well, meaning your initial deck must be capable of one shotting leshy somehow when your deck is at it's weakest.

As such we need to, in act 1 , fulfill 3 requirements.

1) Don't die to the normal mobs while taking immediately suboptimal routes for scaling

2) Scale to one shot range as fast as possible.

3) Obtain a godly/semi godly 1 blood card as fast as possible.

So with our goals set, here are the things we need in order to make the next few hours less of a chore.

Reloading. By using the Return to Menu option we can reload from the last autosaved slot. And when you haven't yet moved on a map, by reloading you regenerate the map and save scum the initial couple of events. We primarily used this to quick reset the starting shop rather then spend 1 minute recreating the run. (IMPORTANT: Reloading doesn't allow you to save scum after a card has been added by slime or destroyed with fire and battles used RNG rolled when the map was initially created.)

Hand Manipulation . There's one guaranteed rule with the cards you draw. Namely that no matter how big your deck is you'll always draw a squirrel and any 1 cost or bone card. This means that having 1 godly 1 cost card is going to have a 100% draw on turn 1 and we're going to abuse this so much.

Selecting the blood deck. The GOAT is a really consistent card that allows us to

And that's it, that's all you need to be able to do to get the Skull Storm achievement using this method.

Our Immediate Objective And How To Get Them

So we just discussed our overall goals in the last section, so now we'll consider the immediate objective we actually need to accomplish to acheive those goals

1) Endless/many lives Goat.

The goat + Cockroach/cat is the most consistent combo in the game, as it allows you to cheese out 3 cost cards every turn. Additionally since the Goat Deck starts out with only 1 useless card and Goat is itself a 1 cost, it's really easy to get your hand manipulation up and running.

So for this you'll have to reload/return to menu until you see Cockroach in your starting shop, and then find and inscriber to combine hte cockroach into the Goat.

2) 3 cost cards + damage campfire buff for 5+ damage.

3 cost cards are generally really powerful and more importantly a lot of them can one shot leshy in one shot when given 1 or 2 campfire buff. So where possible aim to get 3 cost card and give them a damage buff where possible to hit 5 dmg insta kill thereshold.

3) Items to instakill open a lane.

Use all your items and farm items via shop events or pack rat until you get the purple clock, scissors, or knife. You need to instakill a bear or other wise open a lane for one turn so the 3 cost card in step 2 will beat leshy up for you.

4) pray.

That's it, at this point while there are individual events and optimisation that can improve your chancess, at the end of the day the biggest problem with Skull storm is the first boss as your deck is at it's weekest at that point in time and this general strategy has a slightly more consistent rate of success against the first boss.,

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2804746161					

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