How to install custom mods.

Modding Websites.

To start off, you need to go to a website to get mods, the 2 recommend is and Mod-Network, to get good paid mods, go to patreon and you can pledge to someone like McLain Modding or some one like that, and facebook groups are another good resource for mods.

How To Download Mods To Your Computer,

Each website is different, some you have to watch out for ads that can be very bad and can mess with your computer, but there is a download button for it, depending on your browser, it should show when it downloaded.

How To Put Mods Into The Game.

To put mods into the game, copy this path in file explorer, C:\Users\your_name\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\mods, when your there, find your mod, and drag into your mods folder. When its in the folder, load up the game and make a new save or start an existing one, and it should say your mods name of what you downloaded, if you need any help, send me a message on discord at GT500FIVEH#4576 and ill get back to you.


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