Making money from "nobody's trees"

Making money from "nobody's trees"

Nobody's Trees

Why I am using the words "nobody's trees"? Simply because the whole concept of the guide relies on the trees on the map that are found alongside river beds, ditches, roads, farm boundaries etc. These trees in most of the times are deciduous, which have a huge volume of material if chipped.

Those trees take a while to be processed, because branches needs to be removed with a chainsaw, but as I mention - this is a very useful if you start a new map, because there are still not many things to do so far.

So, when you decide which map you will play, before buying your first field have a good look where is a lot of these trees nearby, to reduce the time to transport. Our best property will be like: not big field already planted with some crops, some additional free space and few trees inside. Why this is the best setup?

The field we will harvest and sell the crops, which will reduce the basic investment for the land

Free space we might need later to build a production facility "Biomass heating plant" (in case is not present on the map by default)

Some trees available - as already mentioned above, money are in the trees and the more we have, the bigger is our future profit

Usually a reasonable property can be around 100 000

Purchasing The Machinery

So, after property setup is done we need to plan our first machinery:

Tractor - of course we start with a tractor, our ideal machine will be an used one, medium tractor with at least 200 hp. In case there is no such one available on the market we have to buy one. Model like Massey Ferguson MF 6718 S is a very good choice. Price for a new one is 147 000.

Trailer for logs - Anderson Group M160 is exactly what we need, because it is not needed for logs loading, but just for pulling the trees to our property premises ( price is 19 000 )

Mulcher - again we need the cheapest one and with lowest possible horsepower requirement, so TMC Cancela TFK 200 is the best option ( price is 24 500 )

Chainsaw - while still around the shop, get a chainsaw, this is gonna be another 1000 valid for any model

Not Anymore Nobody's, But Yours

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Making money from "nobody's trees" image 16
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Making money from "nobody's trees" image 19
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It is all set, time to start getting trees that doesn't belong to anyone (in reality the owner actually should be the municipality)

Attach the mulcher to the tractor and target a nearby area with "nobody's trees"

You might be surprised, but what you cannot cut with the chainsaw, actually you are "cutting" with the mulcher.

When enough trees are on the ground you need to start to pull them to your place.

Attach the log trailer and approach a tree, grab it with the hydraulic arm and you can pull it directly, or if you prefer place it inside the trailer and tighten it with the belts.

When you process the trees in your property, keep only the logs and the biggest branches (if a deciduous tree)

Now you need to process as many trees as you can and wait till the end of the year.

When December comes, you need to start the preparation for the wood chips campaign, because January the prices in the Biomass heating plant is highest, usually around 550 per 1000 liters.

In case on the map there is no plant, you build in your property for 40 000 and you are good to go

The Wooden Gold

Making money from "nobody's trees" image 34

Making money from "nobody's trees" image 35

Last thing you need is a wood crusher and leasing of one Heizomat HM 8-400 KLC is a perfect option with just less than 10 000 a day, and other expenses depends on how much material you have prepared during the year. Keep in mind that this machine requires at least 200 hp to be operated (this is also the reason why our first tractor was chosen with this power)

To sell the wood chips to the Biomass Heating Plant you will need a tractor and a trailer with a capacity at least matching the Heizomat's. For sure just passing from a month to another something will be available on the market for the used vehicles. Even you are completely unlucky and market is dry as a desert - simply lease some equipment just for the selling campaign

In case you have the time, passion and patience, on the second season of the game you will be ready for some serious business.

Regarding your field - the moment you harvest the crops there, get a (better buy it, cause you will need it for sure later on) Damcon PL-75 and plant your farm field with trees (preferably Spruce or Pine)

This will ensures you that the third season you will have already you private artificial forest and you will become a Wood processing Tycoon

How It Looks Like

I tried to be maximum precise, but in case you want to see how actually it goes you can check a video that I already did, for convenience it is with a narrator

As I already mention, I found this way as both interesting and fun and I am using it on all of the maps I am playing, also I tried to see how far I can go in terms of numbers. If you want to see my personal record, have a look at the following playlist with all the seven episodes inside


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