Ultramarathon Trophy


The "Ultramarathon" achievement is an example of bad achievement design in games. Trophies, the meaning of which is many hours of grinding or repeated repetition of the same actions, should be part of highly specialized games. The core gameplay of such games should give the player what he expects and synergize with the achievements built into them.

I spent a lot of time getting this achievement and want to help others get it in a much easier way. All you need to do is replace your save files.

By the way, you can always check your Distance Traveled statistic here: Main Menu > Extras > Top Right side of the Screen.

My Traveled Distance on this save is 959991m.

Replacing Save Files

1. Open your DL2 save file location in this path: \Steam\userdata\[USERID]\534380\remote\out\

2. Make a back up of your save files

3. Download my save file from Google Drive: Dying Light 2 - Ultramarathon[drive.google.com]

Alternative link (remove the empty space before "google"): https://drive. google.com/drive/folders/18RuOgvllv4DQUMAFOn6kgG6IY5Lsoqgu?usp=sharing

4. Open the game and walk around a bit for the achievement to pop up.

5. Enjoy!

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2862687409					

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