DL2: Road to Endgame

DL2: Road to Endgame


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Just as a disclaimer, this guide is not meant to flex on other peoples' insights by pretending that my methods or loadouts are the best, because everyone's experience with this game may be different. All my guides are susceptible to change, so please leave any of your constructive feedback in the comments below if you'd like to help make this guide better for everyone who reads it.

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Some info and images provided in this guide are from other sources, referenced here;

- Swiss Game Guides Interactive Map[swissgameguides.app]

- Korek Charm Guide by AshesWolf

New Game Basics

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This section is more for players that just started a new game.

For farming resources, such as zombie trophies, I recommend playing on the Easy difficulty for your first playthrough, or joining a lobby that's playing on Easy. You can also sell junk-loot for max price, whereas on higher difficulty settings makes less money.

Find Inhibitors to upgrade your stamina and parkour skills first whenever possible. Keep in mind that skill upgrades require you to have a certain amount of stamina or health to purchase.

Weapons start to become more useless as your parkour attacks get better, especially while playing on the Easy difficulty setting. However, if you're still insistent on having a weapon, any weapons with shock upgrades on them like the "Voltaic Wrench" in the "Brecken Bundle DLC" is a pretty good starter weapon because it can stun-lock multiple enemies at the same time.

Otherwise, any high level wpn will do just fine (if an online player drops one off for you). Just be smart with your wpn durability by repairing them at the Craftmaster when your durability is very low.

Find Military Tech in airdrops so you can fully upgrade your Paraglider, Grappling Hook, and UV Flashight later in the story. Upgrading your Paraglider is especially important since it will help with travelling around the map, and completing Parkour Challenges that reward big chunks of XP.

The Korek Charm will increase your weapons' damage +40% when wpn durability reaches 25%. Check out this video guide on how to obtain it; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-JxzGdgVUo

The Grocery List

Here's a list of resources that you wanna be stockpiling;

Zombie Trophies Grinding these are a pain in the ass, I know, but will be worth it later on. Easiest way to farm these is killing virals, special infected, and volatiles at night during a chase on the Easy difficulty setting in a low level region of the map. Find a nice little spot to camp out next to a Howler and grind till dawn, especially the virals for their green trophies.

Poppies, Honey, and CordycepsFor crafting buffer puffers to improve healing, damage, and your overall chances of survival. Assuming that you've already saved up a bunch of money from selling stuff on Easy, you can just buy them from the Baba at the Plague Witch's Shop. If you want to farm these from the Baba, you can respawn at the Plague Witch's Shop by joining then dropping out of an online lobby.

Medkits and Immunity Boosters Stockpile as many of these as possible before playing New Game+ on Hard. You can usually buy these at vendors, or find them in GRE buildings, Convoys, Anomaly locations, chests, airdrops, and other places like the basement electrical room in the VNC Tower. I wouldn't bother crafting or upgrading the Immunity Booster blueprint cuz farming them is surprisingly easy.

Scraps, Resin, Pigments, OxidizersThese will be the components for crafting UV bars when you really need to shed light on a really bad situation. You can usually buy these in bulk from vendors. Oxidizers have a semi-rare chance of showing up at a vendor, but they can also be found in locations that have high-value loot.

Lvl9 Tank Armour These will be able to help stack damage and melee stamina once you've acquired Rose's Axe from a legendary or exotic weapons chest. Lvl9 2Handed Armour can usually be found in Vendor shops, GRE facilities, Airdrops, Convoys, and high value chests. Try to find gear that focuses on increasing 2Handed damage, parkour stamina, melee stamina, and regenerating stamina. Rarity doesn't mean the gear is better, cuz it's usually the Blue or Purple gear that actually has those specific stamina stats. Other stats like resistances and survivor sense are just secondary bonuses that aren't important.

Essential Upgrades

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When visiting a Craftmaster, this is the usual total cost to fully upgrade each blueprint;

- x205 Uncommon green zombie trophies

- x27 Rare blue zombie trophies

- x15 Unique purple zombie trophies

- x11,440 Old World Money

After saving up a bunch of money and stockpiling enough resources, these are the essential blueprints I highly recommend upgrading first (listed by priority);

Crit-Shock Wpn Upgrades (Tip & Shaft)Cost to craft = x10 Scraps, x5 Wiring, x1 Electrical Parts.

Great for stun-locking groups of enemies, and +50 Durability. I prefer the crit-chance ones but, that's up to your play-style.

Crit-Fling Wpn Upgrades (Tip & Shaft)Cost to craft = x10 Scraps, x2 Leather, x1 Weight.

Deals a lot of damage to tougher enemies, +50 Durability.

Regeneration BoosterCost to craft = x1 Poppy, x1 Honey.

Heals health over time for a long time. One of those S-Tier consumables compared to the old school Medicine wraps that only heal a limited amount per use.

UV BarsCost to craft = x20 Scraps, x5 Resin, x3 Pigments, x1 Oxidizers.

Keeps the infected away, especially when you're surrounded, or tossing it into a room that needs to be cleared of zombies.

Toughness BoosterCost to craft = x2 Poppy, x2 Honey.

Helps to reduce damage and knockback from enemies. Very useful when dealing with tougher enemies.

Muscle BoosterCost to craft = x2 Poppy, x2 Cordyceps.

For dealing additional melee damage when you really wanna mow down baddies.

Empowerment GripCost to craft = x20 Scraps, x2 Blades, x1 Leather.

Adds +42 Damage & +50 Durability to add some extra base damage until your Korek charm can start doing its job at 25% wpn durability.

Reinforcement GripCost to craft = x20 Scraps, x2 Weights, x1 Leather.

Increases wpn durability by 50% per hit, meaning that when the Korek charm kicks in at low wpn durability, it'll last longer per hit before needing repairs.

Endgame Loadout

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Once you start to reach endgame, your loadout will probably look something like this;

Rose's AxeRose's Axe is simply acquired by chance from one of the Legendary Chests after leveling up every Legend Level. Keep an eye out for axes that recover stamina on Quick Attacks, deal extra damage to enemy heads, and have a night time bonus. Stamina on Quick Attacks will ensure that you never run out of stamina while attacking, thanks to your 2Handed gear's stamina stats. Damage bonus to enemy heads works best when the "Auto Melee Assist" setting is enabled.

I like to have two just in case I need a spare, but also because these two axes in particular have different purposes;

Fling Axe ~ deals a lot of damage, especially to tougher enemies.

Shock Axe~ recovers stamina and uses shock to stun lock crowds.

Stacking Dmg/Stamina StatsThe main difference between good versus better gear is their stats. Knowing how to stack your gear's damage and stamina stats is what makes a Nightrunner truely legendary. In this case, I've stacked my stats in a way that allows me to deal a lot of damage to infected at night, mainly to farm Volatiles. But I've also stacked my stats to preserve as much stamina as possible when in combat or parkour.

Another neat way I like to stack damage with the Korek Charm is by tracking my durability so that I know when to switch my Grip upgrade from Empowerment to Reinforcement. For the first 75% of wpn durability, Korek isn't being used, so I attach Empowerment to at least have some extra dmg output for the first little while. Once my wpn durability reaches 25%, the Korek charm adds +40% dmg. To make the Korek bonus last longer, I'll attach Reinforcement instead.

Farming Legendary Points

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Check out my loadout in action here!


If you wanna farm Legendary Points, I highly encourage you to either start a NewGame+ on Hard or joining coop lobbies that are playing on the Hard difficulty setting.

Other than farming Volatiles all night long and selling their zombie trophies at the Craftmaster, there's a route that I like that doesn't rely on teleporting the host, therefore you can be completely independent when farming LP, and everyone in the lobby gets the XP/LP rewards too. Not all airdrops have high LP, but these ones have at least 1000LP.

If you want to get the most LP/XP possible, I'd encourage the host to join in on GRE Facility raids, Bandit Camp raids, and completing high LP/XP missions that do require everyone to be present / teleported. After all, teamwork does make the dream work.

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