The New Beginners Guide - after update 1.14.0

The New Beginners Guide - after update 1.14.0


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After finishing the prologue there are two importend things to know: While you can explore the whole map at daytime and make your first fights, you have to be stealth and patient during the nights - till you gain enough skills to level up and get stronger to fight enemies down. You'll raise up faster when you're playing at difficulty hard, but if you feel that you're dying to often, change the difficulty on easy or normal. To have fun by playing this game, I'll let you know you some importend things.

The Beginning - And A Missable Memento

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Actually there is nothing much to know about the prologue. Just follow the script.

Importend to know: In the first house you are visiting with Spike, there is a Newspaper on the table in the kitchen. When you miss this, you'll get no other chance to collect it for the achievement "Archivist". Not even in Coop.

And be aware: Killing enemies before you've learned your first skills will give you no combat XP - so don't waste your weapons and your time.

Starting Into The Game

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After you finished the prologue you can start into the game and explore the map. Be aware: you have less health and stamina and also weak weapons and gear. So your first goal should be to raise up your skills (by running, fighting and doing quests) and your health and stamina (by collecting Inhabitors). I would recommend to focus a little bit more on the stamina because you will need it for climbing (when you try to escape or want to activate the windmills) and fighting.

Because of to less Inhitors in the first run you have to decide during the game if you want to max out your stamina or your health to get the achiement "Ironheart" or "Fit as a fiddle". With a total of 126 Inhibitors there are only enough to reach the highest lvl 26 for one, while the other remains on 16. To get the rest of the inhibitors you have to play a NG+

Importend For Fights

Learn to parry, to dodge and (when you have the skill) the dropkick. And if you're fighting against more than one enemy keep on moving.

Don't Care About The Hag Tracks

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Playing the game the first time yoü'll get some blue square markers with black scratches on it. Ignore them till you have access to the central loop and Shen Xiu's camp to unlock her bounties. Fighting the enemies down and collect the "Mutation Samples" will not level you up. And by the way - starting in the game (on hard) you're not even able to defeat up to 5 Renegades and a Hag at the same time.

The Nights Are A Nightmare - Be Prepared

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Playing in the night is completly different to the daytime. Now Volatile are roaming around - on the streets an roofs. When they notice you (the white square is getting red) they will alert other Volatiles and Virals which will start to chase you.

As one Volatile can kill you with one or two hits, try to avoid them. In a fight you'll have no chance. So the first thing you have to do in the daytime is to activate the Windmills in Trinity (one is in the east of your starting piont and one in the south og the bazaar) and Quarry End (in the south of the metrostation - that is also part of the main story). So you'll unlock the faction structures with their safe zones. Also activate every Nightrunners-Hideout. They are safe zones too.

After doing this, you have to plan your route from one safe point to the other. Do not run across the map during the nighttime. Sneak and hide when a Volatile is near. Switch off the flashlight when he notice you and hide in the grass. When his square beginns to turn red try to run to the next safe zone. But be aware: Volatiles are a lot faster than Virals. So don't look back and keep running.

In the beginning of the game time it's the only chance to survive and doing some Night-Quests.

About The Windmills And Faction Structures

You can also unlock Windmills in other areas, but the faction structures will only appear after the powerstations/watertowers in this districts are activated. Till that, the windmills are ony safe zones for you.

Making More Money

If you're playing on hard, you'll get less money by selling your stuff to a vendor. Just switch right before in the options to easy and you'll get a lot more.

Missable: The Carriers Guilde

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This is the second missable thing. When you miss to talk to this guy from the Carriers-Guilde, you'll miss also more then one sidequest and collectibles. After talking to Aitor the first time, you'll find him next to the exit door of the metro station.

A New Nightrunner Is Born

Raising the skills and your level, your stamina and health you're ready to strike back.

How? Have a look in my other guide:

The Bounty-Hunter... Let's Go To Work Now

As you can get also LP's to level up by doing some of the daily/weekly quests and bounties, just have a look at: part two: and three:

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I'll update this guide permanetly when I get new informations. So stay tuned

Good night, good luck.....

.... and stay human


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