Increase FOV Without Mods

Step 1

open File Explorer > Documents > dying light 2 > out > settings

Step 2

Open Notepad (leave File explorer open)

Step 3

Click and drag the file "video.scr" into Notepad.

Step 4

Scroll down to "ExtraGameFov(20.00)" *note that in the parentheses is your current set FOV in whole decimal*

Step 5

In the parentheses change the value to your desired FOV to any whole decimal number. For example: ExtraGameFov(100.00)

Step 6

Go to file > save and start Dying Light 2 as normal.

Notes And Disclaimers

Do not mistake "ExtraGameFov(_.00)" for "!ExtraGameFov(f)"

Upon loading into dying light 2, your game will be set to your new FOV, however this also sets a new cap on your FOV so you can turn it back down (or up) as you please in-game accordingly.


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