Secret Achievement: True Love Found

Secret Achievement: True Love Found

Getting Aym And Baal To Join The Cult

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You first encounter Aym and Baal when you confront the "One Who Waits," and the lore behind them becomes more apparent as the story progresses. To recruit them into your cult, you need to present God tears to an NPC god (you can choose a name; I named mine Twatt) to receive a necklace. There are two types: a Light necklace and a Dark necklace.

The wheel is random, so you might need to visit Purgatory multiple times or have many of your followers worship at your shrine to reach there. This process may take a while.

Once you have both the Dark and Light necklaces, it's advisable to put them on a follower who doesn't hold much significance, someone for whom the outcome doesn't matter much.

Note that one necklace is shaped like a sun, while the other is shaped like a moon.

Once you've placed one of the necklaces on a follower, head to your shrine and navigate to the rituals section. There, you'll perform a sacrifice with that follower. Following the sacrifice, one of the brothers will take control of that follower, depending on the necklace.

Continue to do the same to another follower.

You will then have booth of them in follower form.

Turning Them Into Demons

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The next step is quite straightforward, but it's crucial to ensure you have the demon summoning circle and that it's upgraded to the maximum level. Once ready, select Aym and Baal as demons, enabling them to join your cause.


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Now that Aym and Baal have transformed into demons, choose any dungeon; navigate through the dungeon until you locate the shopkeeper. The game will guide you on the right path if you're unsure. Once you've reached the shopkeeper, you'll uncover some delightful lore and bring a heartwarming conclusion to this story.


Yes you will see them again, I promise.


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