a (incorrect and likely incomplete) guide to vixen ( as of January 31st, 2024)

General Overview

so you wanna play the ex-yokai of pleasure with a thing for fire and nuclear bombs hmm?~ well here's a players (likely incorrect) observational guide for ya to teach you the ropes since inkless just... won't. unless you pester them, but you really shouldn't do that. MOVING ON!

while i don't know if she has any additional knock-back takes more or less damage, what i do know is that she has less max hp than most other fighters, capping her at 8k hp rather than the standard 10k. her play style is all about getting in on someone and wailing on them with high speed strikes and various dodges at point blank with some short range moves to assist with keeping the pressure on. your biggest problems are people who can parry, or block strings cause quite frankly you just don't have many guard breaking moves despite being a point blank fighter that don't cost you a rather large portion of your super gauge or are slow enough that if your within range to use a prior move to get the option to use said guard break in the first place.



so here's the thing about vixen. she's got three passives, she heals her self and gains nuclear charge, however the third one is what actually enables previous two. her ability to mark people with excess fire, noticeable by the ring of up to 8 flame pips circling them at any given time.

now these pips are tied to what i call "absorbing" moves and "marking" moves. if the move is mostly white icon and has no orange flame effects (moves with flaming motion blur that conform to your color scheme are counted as non-flame attacks) those are absorbing moves that take a tick off of your enemy every time you hit them with it, causing a bit of nuclear charge to build up and healing her for a bit of health. these moves make up the vast majority of her kit.

now that's great and all but what about marking moves? those are moves landed from attacks with orange flame effects that cannot be color overridden. E.G. magma charge, your supers (outside of heavenly heat), and your post shine options.

nuclear charge is a bit of a toughie to explain. it's built through both taking damage and absorbing marks, but what REALLY charges it at a extreme rate is two things. the use of the super heavenly heat which seems to add to your charge via taking the amount you currently have and adding a percent to it, while inflicting a status that seems to accelerate charge build up (this segment is likely incorrect on certain details but has been consistent across my games). the second however is self damage inflicted by your moves. yes, the point blank fighter with a lower mhp value actively has moves that eat her hp like it's chocolate mochi. the big hogs are the moves that deal burning damage that come after shine. glow and radiate. while the less greedy move that deals self damage is flame chaser. side note, if you can pin an enemy in the corner with both glow and radiate you'll burn off roughly 3 or 4k hp from them and plant max marks on them. and the fact that it's specifically burning damage means it can't be parried (short of the initial blast from glow) and blocking doesn't reduce it to chip damage.

Notable None Super Moves

GrabFlash Claws BegoneCinderShineGlow/radiateMagma ChargeFriction
Come On!

so s with vixen are a bit unique as her s actually lead into two very notable supers, and very much acting like a conditional stance change. also her advancing is flipable and makes for a great whiff escape tool

an anti-air with a fixed direction (being diagonally above and to either the left and right) this is the most commenly used none-special state guard breaker tool you have at your disposal and even without it being used as such, it is extremely quick and might allow you to jump normally unjumpable moves at the cost of dealing with the extreme end lag (the move totals roughly 24-26 frames). another great whiff escape tool.

the other guard breaking option that has a aimed over head kick. inherits momentum to a small degree.

a ground exclusive 14 frame invincibility heavy dash. this puts you into what i call the "" state (i know, ♥♥♥♥♥♥ name is ♥♥♥♥♥♥. moving on.) in this state you can use the ant moves. one is a rapid single hit with low knock-back. and the other is a distance adjustable flaming clothesline strike that hits a total of 3 times before sending your opponent flying. another semi-exclusive attribute to this state is access to the flash dodge (aim-able left and right with some vertical control) additionally your supers will be available as well and if you use flint-wheel (and i think octokick) in this state you'll remain in the state afterwards. finally you'll retain access to , , (but no advancing ) and .

a 2/10 frame pointblank flash of fire that can lead into as well as if your on the ground. it also seems to rapidly add burst cancel to your avalibilities. however sometimes the hitstun sends enemies flying for no good reason when it notably has the least hitstun of most of vixens moves. also adds flash dodge. also this move eats your momentum so if your flying out of control with no other air options, use this thing like an air brake!

i'm pairing these move together because they both come clean off and each other. glow has a guard breaking pulse that WILL send people flying away. most of the damage is inflicted via a small burn aura and seems to have some sort of conditional invincibility, while radiate lacks the initial pulse the burn radius is much more massive, has a push back (not knockback, as radiate doesn't hitstun), seems to generate a lot of super energy while burning, and finally practically garunties max marks if you can keep an enemy in the radius for the duration of the move.

a momentum dependent rush down with some measure of hyper armor (it seems to mostly only last for a single hit) that comes out in two parts. the contact and the actual uppercut, making this the reliable way to slap someone with two marks at once. however when used it WILL cut all upward momentum that you have. however it will inherit all other momentum, if you can, try to super jump or heat chaser into this. you'll catapult yourself and make chasing enemies much easier after sending them flying.

simple descending kick with an explosive landing. you can adjust distance and it does inherit momentum but the big thing is that it is a hopping move which means low attacks won't stop you. however it can still be bed unlike a normal hop attack. it can also be used to hit people while they're on the ground.

acts like hustle, but rather gains addition total super energy, and only needs to complete half the taunt to get half the energy. meaning that after the first finger flick you can cancel out and run for your life and still have gained something for your time. just listen for the "fwip" sounds made and you'll know when you gained energy.

Super Moves

Heat ChaserFlint-wheelOcto-kickBurning MoonDeep Impact/down BadScratch That ItchHEAVENLY HEAT

req: 1 super meter

easily seems like a badly pathed chaser ability that eats your hp, however A) that self damage is a source of nuke charge B) it's affected by your DI dial. and my god, taking control makes this thing ridiculous. it also adds a massive momentum boost to most of your attacks, and practically turns magma charge into a teleporting slam. it also has a nice short range flame burst that can catch opponents off guard and sends them flying with a mark.

req: 2 super meter

4 high speed air kicks that come out at supposedly 5 frames, even though i've seen it counter grabs? yeah no clue what the speed is other than "♥♥♥ you". pretty simple, and you come out at near point blank at the end of it.

req: 4 super meter

basically trading the massive first hit range for 4 more strikes and guard break abilities. great for what it is, and it deals some pretty chunky total damage too surprisingly.

req: 3 super meter/must be in the air (?)

a aimed teleport variant of descending moon that ends with a friction decent and guarantees max marks, as well as a massive chunk off their hp if you land the full attack. however it does have a bit of a start up issue.

req: 3 super meter/opponent must be grappled

similar to glow/radiate these two are birds of a feather style abilities that act as a way to either send you opponent away from you in one piece or atomicly dissolved. the difference is that deep impact can actually be used in the cinder state (though the odds of it hitting are drasticly lower than you might think) and sends them to the sun. down bad is the air version that ends them down to earth after tumble roll slaming them three times.

req: 3 super meter/opponent must be grappled

this will eat mark on your enemy at the time no matter what and seems to have a greatly increased nuke charge rate per mark consumed, while stacking with the sparking modifier. (likely incorrect on nuke gains)

req: 3 super meter

okay this bugger of a move is so confusing so take everything here as "incorrect" until proven true. what it SEEMS to do is grant you the "sparking" condition which increases the amount of nuke generation from all sources while taking a percent of your current nuke charge and adding it to the stockpile. also, you can use this move to horizontal (not vertically) teleport behind your enemy, but it's rather confusing as it's supposed to be done in neutral (aka no ones attacking and no ones hitstunned) however this doesn't always work as intended, so it seems there's more specific criteria to figure out for it to be used. still flip the attack and see what happens.


okay so this section is very much a add on from both passives and a few of the moves. i've mentioned gaining nuke charge throughout this whole guide, but not how to make use of it. basically the more you glow the more charge you've got until said glow turns into a radiation symbol and the sirens start blaring.

what are you looking at me like that for, I'M BEING SERIOUS!

regardless nuke charge can only be discharged when using certain moves while an enemy has full marks on them (8) and it can be done any time you notice a orange glow has started showing on vixen (not the sparking condition). the three moves in question are a direct hit with shine, deep impact and down bad. afterwords if all conditions are correct and your not horrifically desynced from your opponent you'll let off either a small shock wave, a nuclear pulse, or a actual mushroom cloud. no matter what your opponent will be sent reeling, so if you can use it as a GTFOM button it comes highly recommended.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3150859492					

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