The (very) Quick Tips

Smite The Heretic.

Coherence. Basic but important, stay close to teammates to recover Toughness and receive bonuses.

Tempo. Don't rush, don't dawdle. Look around, but don't split up. Group up before jumping down. On events, be quick and focus the objective.

Tagging. Is very useful, especially on Snipers and sneaky enemies. Tag 'em when you see 'em (middle mouse).

Sound cues. All special enemies have their specific sounds and it's very important to learn to hear them. Please use headphones.

Dodging. Once you've spotted a grabber, be ready to dodge it. It's possible (although hard) to dodge any enemy in the game. Check out dodging guides on YouTube, may be helpful.

Burster push. If a Pox Burster (boomer) gets close, please STOP shooting it, switch to melee and push it away (or let a teammate do it). This requires bravery and timing, but it's the right way.

Grenades. A well-timed grenade can literally save the game, they are very powerful. Always worth to keep an eye out for, and a pleasure to use.

Items. It's easy to forget you're carrying an ammo box/med pack, but please don't. And don't hesitate to use them. Before picking things up, look at team's HUD. Share the wealth.

Ledges. Are a lethal enemy in 'tide series. Whether you've dodged into them during battle, or got pushed down by bosses or barrels, you'll find yourself hanging off them a lot. Spacial awareness is the lesson here, so keep your head on a swivel and know what's around you.

Difficulty. This is where one of the game's mistakes shines bright - we all know it - the mission system is f'ed up. A lot of times you just can't play the mission you want on the difficulty you want, forcing you to play above or below your level. Also, gaps between diffs are HUGE. That said, higher diffs unlock way too early, and it's a good idea not to play them until you get stronger (high-level Feats make great difference). You'll get less xp per win, but you'll also fail less.

Class builds via weapons. Many reviews point out how there are less classes in DT than in Verminitide, and it's true. But you can still get an incredible build variety through weapons and buffs, as they can be very different. Once you've found your preferred weapons combo, you can adjust your Feats and get something similar to a sub-class.

Weapons. Are what defines the play style. Early game, don't mind weapon stats too much, instead focus on how they work and feel. Find something that feels right for you, and you can look for a better-stat version of it later.

Psyker mind burst. One-shots most enemies, so if you see an enemy with glowing head, switch to another target.

Veteran. Recovers focus on killing enemies highlighted by his Ability, which is a big part of his work. Try not to kill yellow-highlighted enemies if he's shooting them and you have other targets.

Feel free to add more tips in the comments, but please keep it short, polite, and on point.

- His humble servant, Good Cop.


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