The Fortnitification of Video games and its consequences.

The Fortnitification of Video games and its consequences.

Chapter 1. DarkTide

The Fortnitification of Video games and its consequences. image 1

Let us discuss one of the biggest Issue's I personally have with this game at the moment and since launch. Everyone loves skins, everyone loves to create a character and be themselves and be unique among the community of games, and it is to be expected sadly now a days to purchase a game for full AAA price and still have to shill out money to buy fancy cosmetics. now you might be thinking shouldnt you just play the game for the gameplay and fun loop? while yeah i agree with that but a lot of the loop is to complete pendances and rank up in the new system to get new armor and poses and such, they have had this customization idea in their head since the start, its no wonder you create your OWN character, they want you to spend more money on the game, and they've thought hard on It.

You might also add well Isnt there free cosmetics?

There are you are correct and up untill recently there were only a handfull of them and they looked kinda mid and you couldnt really combine any of them most people would agree, now we got a decent amount of cosmetics but compared to the shop it is pitiful, id give it like a 90/10 split 90% of the cosmetics being in the shop, honestly i think a good system is 50/50 50% of the skins in the shop and 50% free to get, UNLESS its a F2P game, but this Is not a F2P game this is a game that costs $40

Problems with the Shop

Items are way too expensive a simple reskin can be 700 coins and you might ask well dont they give a really good deal on the coins anyways? its manipulation if anything and not really a deal, seeing as the item you want costs just as much and is usually in a bundle that is about $20

Shop promotes massive FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) now many people are confused about what FOMO Is, many think because since its purely cosmetic FOMO cant apply to it but FOMO applies the best with cosmetics, every modern game has a shop now that rotates but darktide oh no you want to know a time it rotates out and in? they dont even tell you so good luck that is peak FOMO and its disgustingly sad to see, "Oh i Really wanna get this cosmetic but idk when the shops gonna refresh so im gonna have to get it asap" its really sad and degenerate to see it come to this.

This Is the same company that made Vermintide 2 and Vermintide 2 has a Wonderful shop, Most cosmetics in Vermintide 2 you can earn them, you can buy them with coin that you can find In games which darktide does not offer at all, Vermintides cosmetics are usually through DLC of character classes or just dlc armor packs that are usually cheap and often on sale, plus the shop doesint rotate or have any refresh it all stays there, and id confidentally say the cosmetics are more in favor of free/earn then to pay.

Plus to add on to the shop it is the most lore breaking and unrealistic ♥♥♥♥ added to a warhammer game you literally have to whip out a credit card which sorry to alarm you literally breaks any immersion you want in a game, to get a armor set you could have probably found off a corpse,

I dont get how theres a vocal minority of fananics that defend this FOMO and manipulation of their audience but its sad, they really drunk the kool aid on this one, i yearn for the times where i bought a game and didnt have to shill out extra for cosmetics, and im sure everyone else that has common sense does too.

I like the game I really do its why im adament about it but the game has problems and the community does not like to notice it and likes to live in bliss, this game was made for sales not enjoyment at the end of the day and the lack of content is really whats killing it, this big update that happened should have happened a while ago.

Thats the end of this little rant, im sure ill cover more games on about the fortnitification of video games and its consquences and might make a video about it someday. If you have any questions feel free and if your gonna be a fatshark glazer dont expect a response.


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