A Convicts Lexicon of the Emperor's Will


This Militarum-Issue Lexicon is handed to every convict entering the Tertium Hive upon first arrival.

Do not lose, damage, or destroy this or you will be branded a heretic.

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Entry I

His is the Light that fadeth not.

Even the greatest hero is but a ripple on the surface of space.

The mutant is guileful, trust it not.

Faith leaves no room for doubt.

The Emperor knows, the Emperor is watching.

Sedition begins with a lack of faith.

The foolish trust in luck; the wise trust in the Emperor.

Persecute, punish, persist.

Blessed are they without introspection.

Narrow minds are faithful minds.

Entry II

The Emperor bestows upon us the gift of intolerance.

Praise be to the Golden Throne.

From the Golden Throne He watches all.

Mercy is a luxury Mankind can ill afford.

Faithless are those that abandon their tasks.

Draw strength from the Emperor's Will.

When the shadows threaten, the Emperor is with us.

Complaining of thy lot is the first step on the Road to Damnation.

A single act of leniency is akin to a lifetime's betrayal.

Doubt not thy strength whilst faith prevails.

Entry III

Hope is superfluous.

You need understand nothing to do your duty.

Duty is vital, understanding is not.

Duty first, duty last.

Honour thy Emperor.

Honour thy regiment.

Honour thy weapon.

Thou shalt not yield.

The Imperium of Mankind shall never yield.

Aim true and strike deep.

Entry IV

Night descends, yet still the Emperor's light shows the way.

Thou shalt be remembered by thy deeds.

By your scars and deeds shall you be judged.

The seeds of heresy are planted in the minds of the enlightened.

Mankind stands upon the shoulders of the martyred.

Here be the doom of mutants.

Become righteousness made manifest.

Be unsleeping in vigilance, swift in justice, and relentless in hate.

Seek not knowledge, but vengeance.

Become the fist of the Emperor.

Entry V

Make thy death a worthy one.

Heed not the pleas of the weak.

The Word of the Emperor is the rule of the Imperium.

A swift execution is worth a hundred interrogations.

Be steadfast in defence.

Fear the wrath of the righteous.

Seek for yourself a death worthy of remembrance.

Carry your scars with honour.

The wise learn from the death of others.

Despise the weak, for they shall flock to the call of the renegade.

Entry VI

There is purity of purpose in the faith of the just.

It is an honour to bleed for the Emperor.

The wage of negligence is utter destruction.

Cleave to the Emperor's light.

Destroy corruption wherever it is found.

Beware the corruption of men's souls.

Pass judgement without mercy.

Thy hand is justice.

Retribution is your birthright.

In Terra's light we serve.

Entry VII

Praise the Emperor.

Emperor guide thy aim.

Let no foe stand before you.

Be the Emperor's reaper.

The righteous fear naught.

Aim without mercy.

Blessed be thy fury.

Be a bulwark for Humanity.

I speak with tongues of flame.

Smite all who oppose the Emperor.

Entry VIII

Become vengeance.

Thou shalt kill.

Imperialis Dominatus.

In all things, serve the Emperor.

Death comes for us all.

Do your part for the Master of Mankind.

The mortal burden carried dutifully to its destination is the Emperor's greatest praise.

Hate must be tempered like the steel of a blade.

Mark the traitor, kill the traitor.

10,000 years of betrayal is long enough.

Entry IX

Vigilance is the mutant's bane.

Sharpen your mind to hate.

Hunt the mutant, kill the mutant.

Take no comfort; there is none.

The industrious may escape death.

When all is dark, remember the Emperor.

Zeal triumphs where knowledge fails.

Freedom is bought in the currency of toil, tears and blood.

Death is a craft, practise it well.

Honour your wargear as you would the Emperor.

Entry X

Destroy The Heretic! The Emperor Protects!

You will fall. But you will not fall alone.

The doubter fails, the steadfast prevails.

To spare the traitor is to invite corruption.

To question your master is to betray the Emperor.

The Emperor's justice is a beautiful thing.

Without fear or falter, do thy duty.

Let not thy hate be conquered by fear.

Scourge the stars in the Emperor's name.

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