Mouse Jitter Fix for smooth aiming (Nvidia)

Mouse Jitter Fix for smooth aiming (Nvidia)

Mouse Fix

Mouse Jitter Fix for smooth aiming (Nvidia) image 1

Cap your FPS in Driver Settings

For some reason, capping the FPS in the Nvidia driver seems to fix the issue. It doesn't matter what FPS you cap to, just turn the cap on for Uncharted. I cap mine at 141 FPS and have silky smooth mouse inputs with Raw Input both On and Off.

Why not cap with [Other FPS Cap software] instead?

I tried using RivaTuner to cap my FPS and it just didn't work. It HAS to be from the driver as far as I know.


Some users may find that locking the frame rate to an interval of 30 (30, 60, 120, etc.) may help to eliminate the jittery mouse


If this doesn't work for you, comment at the bottom so me or another user can try to help solve this the best we can. Iron Galaxy, plz fix <3


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