Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires Allarielle - High Elves campaign overview, guide and second thoughts

Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires Allarielle - High Elves campaign overview, guide and second thoughts

Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires Allarielle - High Elves Campaign Overview, Guide And Second Thoughts

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Hello everyone. In this guide I will cover:

- Victory conditions, faction and climate;

- Starting location;

- Diplomacy and outposts;

- Mechanics of the race and faction;

- Province edicts and army stances;

- Buildings and research;

- Lords and skills;

- Army compositions;

And give you my final notes on the specific faction. Hope you enjoy it.

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Short victory:

- Destroy the Scourge of Khaine, Cult of Excess and Seducers of Slaanesh (N'kari).

- Occupy, loot, raze or sack 30 different settlements.

The reward is +3 hero capacity for all heroes, great to ensure you can always field a few more scouts around, and to avoid spending too much on buildings.

This is a moderate short victory, it should take sometime but for the most part you are bound to take over Ulthuan in one way or another.

Long victory:

- Achieve the short victory;

- Occupy, loot, raze or sack 70 different settlements

- Maintain control of most of Ulthuan

- Destroy the major Dark Elf factions, including Lokhir and Rakarth, who are pretty far away.

The reward is +10 hero recruit rank, as always, useful to ensure your heroes, specially casters, are immediately powerful as you incorporate them into your armies.

This long victory will take a while, in particular because of the factions you need to destroy, which imply a lot of issues and traveling to far away places. You may even obtain domination victory before the long victory.

Alarielle is the Everqueen, and the benefits from:

Gains bonuses when all of Ulthuan is held by High Elves;

Receives penalties when regions in Ulthuan are owned by others than High Elves;

Influence cost - 25% for Intrigue at Court actions

Hero capacity +2 for Handmaidens

Invocation of Lileath to improve casting and magic item drop chance

Greater invocation of Isha gives additional bonuses for Tree Spirits units.

Climate is a bit better than others as Wasteland is improved to unpleasant. Still, it is not an easy faction to dominate the map with and you may struggle speciall far north or south.


Your starting position is a 3 settlement province, with a 10 slot capital. In addition, it is highly defensible and near the water, so you can benefit from the goodies located there without too much trouble or threat of counter attacks.

Typical expansion is of course to control the Northern part of Ulthuan and eventually the whole island. Whether that implies that you confederate or even eliminate other High Elves is really up to you.

Later taking care of the Dark Elves is a priority, so into the new world and using the sea lanes to take care of other targets might be your best bet.

Of course, Chaos must dwindle so that Alarielle can continue to be in great shape, which implies a lot of focus on getting rid of Chaos too.


Diplomatically you are of course part of the order tide, although it may prove difficult to get good relations with Bretonnia, Dwarfs, Empire and even Lizardmen, depending on how well you deal with their enemies too. Using Influence should help cement at least a few of these, though.

Enemies will be Slaanesh, Dark Elves, and anyone crossing your path. Warriors of Chaos and Daemons should become your foes soon, but be prepared for surprises such as Vampire Coast and Counts, Greenskins and others.

Outposts should focus on some artillery and good cavalry from the Empire and flying and ground cavalry from Bretonnia, perhaps. Dwarfs can give you great artillery pieces too.


In terms of mechanics, there are a few extra ones:

- Alarielle leaves bonuses to the regions she visits, so having her on the move and conquering is always a nice idea.

- In addition, as Chaos corruption grows stronger, she becomes weaker. Mortal World's Torment gives Alarielle reduced Winds of Magic and control and growth penalties; However, she gains bonuses in battle when fighting Chaos, specially Large entities, as well as buffs for her Wood Elf units.

- Alarielle is also the Defender of Ulthuan, and her faction receives debuffs when Ulthuan is not fully under High Elf control, and bonuses when it is, of course.

- Influence allows two things: recruitment of better lords and heroes, and to steer enemies and allies diplomacy into whatever you prefer. You do have tons of options, although it may prove costly. If anyone is refusing a deal, well, influence them a bit?

- Rites are very nice, since you have the following:

1 - Greater Invocation of Isha, giving you immunity to attrition, casualty replenishment rate, -10 corruption, and regenaration for your Wood Elf units

2 - Invocation of Lileath, increasing the magic item drop chance by 50%, cooldown -30% to all spells, and giving an army ability

3 - Invocation of Asuryan, giving +2 influence per turn, -15% construction costs, and +4 control.

4 - Invocation of Vaul, giving a dilemma that will offer an item, -10% recruit cost for elite infantry and Dragon princes, +2 recruit rank for the same ones, +5 armor for those units, and an army ability for siege battles.

Overall, they are really good specially because they are so cheap, you should always have one of these active.

- The Sword of Khaine is very close-by. It is always a possibility, but for the most part, I leave it alone given the diplomatic and public order issues.

- One specific mechanic is in the skill lines of lords, where you can choose between various dedications with different benefits. This allows a bit of variety in gameplay, although the benefits are not as great as the Dark Elves names of power, for example.

- Finally, you can of course recruit Wood Elf units, as it was mentioned. Very useful and interesting combinations possible.



Enemy campaign movement range reduced by 10%; enemy hero action success reduced by 15%; Ambush success chance increased by 10%; chance of intercepting an army +15%; (note this part is useless in Ulthuan since there is no way to use those underway systems).

Income from trade tariffs +4% (factionwide!), income from all buildings +3%

Growth +20, construction costs -10% for all buildings

Recruit rank +1, local recruitment capacity +1;

Corruption -5;

Overall you have nearly everything but a research bonus, which helps you make good decisions and adapt to the situation at hand.

Army stances:

Lileath's Blessing, giving you +20 winds of magic power reserve per turn, experience gain +20% for spellcasters, miscast base chance halved, speed +10% for spellcasters. Costs 10% movement.

Encamp, costing 50% movement, giving replenishment and global recruitment as well as immunity to most attrition.

Ambush, costing 25% movement

Forced march.

Notice the absence of any raiding stance, which unfortunately it is not a tactic the High Elves have.

Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires Allarielle - High Elves Campaign Overview, Guide And Second Thoughts(continuation)

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Gaean Vale has 3 special buildings: Court of the Everqueen grants a ton of regional buffs and growth Factionwide. World Root entrance gives recruitment of Wood Elf units (Trees) and reduced upkeep for those units in your armies. You also have a resource building for exotic animals.

Military requires 8 buildings, with 4 being possible in the minor settlements.

Tier 3 units are quite formidable already. Great holding infantry supported by great archers and cavalry, good armor piercing infantry and cavalry, single entities, chariots... all good. Alarielle distinguishes herself by having Sisters of Avelorn available at tier 3 (!) and Tree Kin as well. Tier 4 and 5 simply enhance what you have here.


1 - Growth and replenishment building

2 - Income and resource producing building

3 - Income and control (Great!)

4 - Income from buildings, Hero recruitment for Noble.

5 - Influence per turn, hero action success chance, income from trade and ports.

Do not neglect the Influence building, specially early to midgame. Having maybe one or two somewhere to have a steady flow of influence.

Research is crazy good. Plenty of campaign changes and unit upgrades overall, although it may take some time and it may cost you a bit. Your units will become extremely powerful later on, though, some of the best in the game after upgrades.


Blue line has replenishment and upkeep, as well as an interesting research buff. However, the problem is that you may need to really make these count because you only have 50 skillpoints.

Redline gives you some great army compositions with units for every role. Most of the time, I build armies considering the specific Lord traits.

Heroes are excellent, and they provide bonuses to some units such as Handmaidens to ranged units. Alarielle can capitalize on this because of all the buffs for them.

Loremasters are great hybrids, and casters have plenty of lores to choose from. Finally, Nobles are decent melee fighters.

2 heroes have the replenishment ability, so just ensure you can benefit from at least one in your armies to offset a bit of the climate issues. Since Alarielle favors the Handmaidens, they make an obvious choice.

Alarielle has 2 main ideas. She can benefit a bit of armor to her sisters of Avelorn and a few province and faction buffs like construction costs and control/income, or she can benefit armies in the province and her Forest Spirits armor and melee attack.

Therefore, some combinations of them and some flyers or infantry can be very interesting for your playthrough.

Typical army compositions for others may go into monsters or cavalry and chariots. Of course, your Lords may have specific traits that you may want to benefit from, such as anyone with reduced upkeep for Lothern sea guards and reavers.

I also provide some compositions based on the slowing aura from the Frostheart Phoenixes, and some cheaper sweeper armies.

As always, heroes are placeholders: the main idea is to have at least 1 caster hero and 1 support/melee hero to assist. Their number and type and also use in battle is up to you.


Alarielle changes the pace of the game a bit by focusing a lot more on Ulthuan. Recapture it, reclaim it, maintain it, that is the idea here.

After it is done, going after the Dark Elves feels a bit weird, as her main focus would be to wreck Chaos? And take it out of the world. Her strength will vary if Chaos corruption becomes too high, and so you must be wary of any chaos faction becoming too strong.

Her new mechanics and the addition of the Forest Spirits make for an interesting composition and a breath of fresh air for the faction in itself. Add in the Outpost mechanic, and you are bound to have a lot of good armies with a ton of variety if you wish.

Your army is composed of:

1 - Great infantry

2 - Great missile infantry

3 - Good cavalry and chariots (lacks some AP);

4 - Great single entities

5 - Average artillery

6 - Lacks early armor piercing.

Replenishment is good overall, plenty of options for you to reinforce as well due to the Global recruitment too, but climate hinders this and Alarielle at least does not suffer as much as others in Wasteland terrain.

I believe now it is time to try out Alarielle the Everqueen, of the High Elves.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2972218185					

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