Notes on misc game mechanics I want to keep on mind

Notes on misc game mechanics I want to keep on mind


Don't forget to constantly scout ahead & around with heroes

Don't forget to try to ambush the enemy, including by using a weaker stack as bait

Save some funds for potential emergencies

press and hold right click to check movement range & leftover movement percentage


Adaptive front lines -- cheap first, line with strong, specialized support units standing ready

Wind spells destroy units in a continuous line, place them further away from each other (and put in chess board formation)

Poisoning applies lots of interesting stat penalties

Melee defense is -40% on sides and -70% from behind

Units with terror can cause a unit to instantly break the moment they attack if e.g. the target's leadership is 13 or below. However, units with terror have fear and other leadership penalties as well, so when the target's leadership is down to ~35 terror can already work

There are 5 unit tears now. Unit tiers are now cost-based, each tear is +$500

In WH3 magic resistance was replaced with only spell resistance and excludes magic damage from weapons

ctrl + double-left-click on unit or its card select all identical units

If a lord/hero is marked as ^ Duellist it means its attack is less AOE

If a lord/hero fights another single unit, the latter absorbs all his damage

Damage math

Armor only protects from base damage.

Armor rolls between .5 .75 and 1, multiplies with your Armor stat, and the result is the percentage blocked

Armor still lets through at least 1 point of damage

Attack landing probability = (35 + Melee attack - Melee defense)%

Attack landing probability range: 8-90%

Large units

Save large units for the endgame, after dealing with cannons and other threats to them

Focus fire large units (e.g. Karl Franz on Griffon)

Missile and artillery

don't keep all missile units together. If some are stacked, others should support by shooting the attacker

A way to cause more missile (especially artillery) damage to the enemy is to slow them down by sending forward (and thus sacrificing) some cheap units

Straight shooting ranged units and artillery is more accurate, especially against fast moving targets

damage while running around

Shields absorb a percentage of damage from missiles, but not from artillery

Shields only block front

Shoot enemies over your units's head with archers, but not artillery

A great benefit of just chasing enemy's missile units is that they simply do not cause you any


Charge bonus is a 13 seconds decaying buff (points, not percentage) to melee attack and weapon strength

Spread the cavalry wide to get max out of the charge bonus

consider using cheap units as a charge bonus blocker & missile absorber meat shield

Hammer & anvil

Charge Defense vs. Large is active only when the unit is bracing


Move Chariots THROUGH the enemy unit, not back and forth, it's faster (and thus safer) so

Alt+attack for one-off melee mode (especially useful for missile chariots


arrows fly through trees the first 1.2 seconds they have been shot

Large units get huge speed and attack penalties in trees (except for the beast men & elves)

Small units get the same penalties in swamps as large units in the woods

DANGER: If terrain is an obstacle, missile & artillery units will move up and potentially get exposed to melee attack

Melee units 1m above do 30% more damage, and the ones below do 30% less damage

Ranged units (including flying units) 40m above do 30% more damage, and the ones below do 30% less damage


In WH3 besieged armies receive attrition from the very first turn

use siege towers as missile protection

ladders are slow and tire your units

when defending, place missiles on walls first, but then replace with melee before the enemy reaches you

supplies are constantly increasing, don't forget to spend them on towers

you can towers whom to attack

Non-flying monsters and cavalry cannot get on walls, so use walls as monster-safe zone


All elf factions have less hit points


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FXAA + High Lighting quality has started to result in black squares flickering randomly, so keep it on low or use TAA (former looks better on my machine)


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