List of Legendary Lord Defeat Traits


The layout will be as follows:

1) Name of Legendary Lord

2) Name of Trait

3) Description

4) Effect


Khazrak the One-Eye

Beast Scourge

His single eye will not avail the Lord of Beasts a victory, nor all the fury in his twisted heart.

Ambush defence chance: +20%

Chance of intercepting an army using the Underway, beast-paths or Worldroots: +20%

Malagor the Dark Omen


The despoiler becomes the despoiled.

Leadership: +10 when fighting against Beastmen Warherds

Melee attack: +10 when fighting against Beastmen Warherds

Morghur the Shadowgave


Faced with an opponent of the right calibre, even the Shadowgave can be bested.

Missile resistance: 15%

Taurox the Brass Bull

Brass Bull, Glass Jaw

As it turns out, you don't always need an immovable object to stop an unstoppable force.

Armour-piercing weapon damage: +20

Charge bonus: +15%


Louen Leoncoeur


This time, the king might well be dead. Oh well, long live the King.

Charge bonus: +10

Recruitment cost: -20% for cavalry units (Lord's army)

Traitorㅤ(When playing as a Bretonnian faction)

Craven is he who raises his sword against the Lady's chosen. Skilled, perhaps, but craven all the same.

Chivalry: -5

Weapon strength: +20%

Upkeep: +10% for all units (Lord's army)

Alberic de Bordeleaux

Hammer and Anvil

Outstanding personal courage and martial skill are not always enough. Today the hammer became the anvil.

Melee attack: +15 when fighting at sea

Repanse de Lyonesse

End of an Errant

Bretonnia's blessed cleanser has herself been defeated by the ravening Undead hordes which dare infest the Badlands!

Growth: +5 (local province)

Double experience gain for units when fighting against Bretonnia (all units in army)

Research Rate: +5% (Factionwide)

The Fay Enchantress

Witchfinder General

At this rate the Lady of the Lake is going to have to find another representative...

Casualty replenishment rate: +10% (Lord's army)

Chaos Dwarfs

Astragoth Ironhand


His killer has beaten Ironhand's curse to the punch - the flesh not already turned to stone is now as dead as dead can be. He won't be missed.

Effect duration: +10% for Lores of Hashut, Death, Fire and Metal spells

Effect range: +10% for Lores of Hashut, Death, Fire and Metal spells

Spell resistance: 15%

Drazhoath the Ashen


Having been drawn from the relative safety of his tower in the Black Fortress, Drazhoath has been done in. Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow!

Income from Settlement buildings: +10% (Factionwide when on map)

Missile resistance: 15%

Zhatan the Black


At this rate the Lady of the Lake is going to have to find another representative...

Magic item drop chance: +40%

Range: +15% for artillery units (Own army)

Daemons Of Chaos

The Daemon Prince

Slayer of the God-Slayer

All that faith and slavish devotion didn't stop the Daemon Prince from losing badly, on the day at least, to a general of vastly higher quality.

Diplomatic relations: +20 with Kislev

Attrition: -50% casualties suffered from all attritions (Lord's army)

Dark Elves


Beastmaster of None

The Beastlord is dead, long live the Beastlord!

Bonus vs. Large: +8

Leadership: -5 for enemy monstrous units (Enemy armies in local province)

Lokhir Fellheart

Black Ark Down

"You'd better make sure you kill him, or this will not be the end of the matter - not even close."

Immune to storm and reef attrition (Lord's army)



Her Dark Magic, Daemonic pacts, and evil ways have counted for naught in the face of superior arms.

Hero action cost: -10% (all Heroes)

Hero self-defence: +10% chance of wounding aggressors (Heroes in local province)


Immortal Unbeloved

The Dark King will fall, by blade, by arrow, or by sorcerous power and the darkest magic.

Income from raiding: +10% (Lord's army)

Passive ability: "Frenzy"

Malus Darkblade

Malus in Underworld

Do not shed a tear, for this darkest, most murderous of Druchii may now be with the Cytherai, deep within the Mirai, where he surely belongs!

Armour-piercing weapon damage: +30

Crone Hellebron

The Day After

The trouble with nights of debauchery always comes the day after - not so much 'hung over' as 'hanged'!

Armour-piercing weapon damage: +20

Melee attack: +5


Belegar Ironhammer


The True King lies defeated but will return, spitting oaths and even grumpier than before!

Leadership: +4 during subterranean intercept battles

Melee attack: +10 during subterranean intercept battles

Grombrindal - The White Dwarf


This time, the tables have been turned against the last Dawi redoubt, but he'll be back to avenge himself - be certain of that!

Attribute: Causes Terror when fighting against Dwarfs

Thorek Ironbrow

Old GrumpSlayer

Always had something to complain about, that one.

Magic item drop chance: +15% (accompanying Lord)

Armour-piercing weapon damage: +3 (Lord's army)

Thorgrim Grudgebearer


What to use to pad my mattress? I know - finest Dwarfbeard!

Construction cost: -10% for all buildings (Local province)

Research rate: +10% (Factionwide)

Ungrim Ironfist

Slayer King Slayer

Although the Slayer King has been toppled, no doubt he'll be back, bearing the Axe of Dargo and a serious grudge!

Melee attack: +5

Spell resistance: +5%

Missile resistance: +5%

Malakai Makaisson


Malakai has finally achieved the glorious death he has always sought, in a fair fight and at the hands of a worthy adversary.

Recruit rank: +3 for Artillery units.

Missile strenght: +10% (Lord's army)

Grand Cathay

Miao Ying

Very Cold, still Aloof

This exceptional general has put the Storm Dragon, her armies and war-machines, to flight, inflicting a shameful defeat upon Cathay in the process.

Attribute: Expert Charge Defence

Melee defence: +3 (Lord's army)

Zhao Ming

Merciless to Ming

Even the Warp-weapons and Wizards at his disposal weren't able to prevent the defeat of the Iron Dragon by a superior general.

Magic item drop chance: +10%

Armour: +5 (Lord's army)

Yuan Bo

One Dragon Down

It seems a Dragon of Jade is easily shattered.

Winds of Magic cost: -20% for all spells (Lord's army)


Grimgor Ironhide


This hide is perhaps not as durable as it originally thought...

Armour-piercing damage: +20

Armour: +10



Sometimes, even the sneakiest among us come unstuck.

Ambush Success Chance: +20% (Lord's army)

Ambush Defence Chance: +20% (Lord's army)

Wurrzag da Great Green Prophet

Great Green Killer

When you take a swing at Da Prophet, you smite Gork (and Mork) as well!

Physical resistance: 10%

Grom the Paunch


The bigger they are...

Diplomatic relations: +10 with High Elves

Attribute: Causes Terror when fighting against Greenskins

Azhag the Slaughterer


Heavy is the head that wears the Crown of Sorcery, and probably dead as well!

Spell resistance: 30%

High Elves


Ulthuan Undefended

Now that the Asur's greatest warrior has been laid low, what of the island kingdom he is sworn to protect?

Melee attack: +2 (Lord's army)

Recruit rank: +1 for all units (Lord's army)


Ruin Unrestrained

With Teclis defeated, who will drive back the forces of Chaos from the world?

Winds of Magic power reserve change: +10% when increasing (Lord's army)

Alith Anar

Shadow's Fall

The reign of Anar is at an end; the Shadow King has stepped into the light for the final time.

Hero action cost: -15% (Local region)

Hero action success chance: +10% (Local region)

Alarielle the Radiant


The High Elves will have to find a new title for their beloved queen, as she certainly isn't around for-'ever'.

Control +4 (Local province)

Chance of Winds of Magic increasing in strength when changing: +5% (Local province)

Growth: +10 (Local province)

Eltharion the Grim


With the dour defender defeated, Ulthuan lies exposed.

Missile resistance: 10%

Attribute: Charge Defence vs Large



Here, er, were Dragons.

Bonus vs. Large: +8

Fire resistance: 25%


Skarbrand the Exiled


The permanent return of the Exiled One has been, if not prevented, then seriously hampered in its progress by a detailed defeat in battle.

Charge bonus: +5 (Lord's army)

Weapon strength: +8% (Lord's army)


Tzarina Katarin

Ice Lode Crusher

Though she is the equal of any of her male ancestors, that didn't stop Kislev's Ice Queen from suffering frustration at the hands of her opponent.

Enables frostbite attacks

Attribute: Causes Terror when fighting against Kislev



The Kislevite Patriarch's obsession with dogma and control proved to be his undoing in battle, where he was soundly subjugated by his opponent. Oh, the irony...

Leadership: +6 when in own territory (Lord's army)

Enables flaming attacks

Boris Ursus

Red Dead

Tzar Boris may well have come back from the dead to fight again, but it might have been more prudent to stay that way for all the good it's done to him.

Leadership: +8 when fighting against Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos and Norsca (Lord's army)

Mother Ostankya

Witch of the Woods

The woods are less spooky now, but only slightly.

Targeting range: +10% for spells

Winds of Magic power reserve change: +5% when increasing (Lord's army)

Spell resistance: 5% (Lord's army)




Today, the battle is over for Xhotl's last defender, but the war rages on - have no doubt.

Public order: +2 (Local province)

Melee defence: +10

Lord Mazdamundi


It would seem that the lizard king can't always do everything; winning, for instance.

Leadership aura size: +25%


Prophet of Doom

"Ha! For all his power, the Prophet couldn't forsee his own demise..." Casualties captured post-battle: +15% (Lord's army)

Untainted: +3 (Local province)


Out of the Skies

The skies are brighter - and safer - today now the bewinged purveyor of death from above has been taken down.

Campaign movement range: +10%

Campaign line of sight: +10%

Nakai the Wanderer

Wanderer No More

All journeys must eventually come to an end. This one has been cut short long before reaching its destination, however.

Bonus vs. Large: +10

Melee defense: +10


Movable Mountain

Not all mountains are immovable - locate its weakness, its faultline, and turn the crack into a yawning chasm.

Leadership: +4 (Lord's army)

Attribute: Expert Charge Defense


One who hunts the Unseen

The secrets of the world's fate are now cast into oblivion along with the ancient hunter's soul. Attribute: Vanguard Deployment



Troll Hunter

An oddity among his kind, Throgg is nothing if not tenacious - he won't stay down for long.

Bonus vs. Large: +15

Weapon damage Weapon strength: +3%

Wulfrik the Wanderer

Blood Feuder

So you've roundly marmalised the Eternal Challenger? He'll be back for a rematch, and soon - of that you can be certain.

Bonus vs. Infantry: +5

Charge bonus: +10%

Surtha Ek

Surtha Wreckedㅤ(Army led by Settra the Imperishable)

And so a mighty Chaos warlord lies defeated, beyond the help of the Dark Gods he serves.

Unit capacity: +10 Skeleton Chariot

Armour: +10 for Chariot units (Lord's army)


Ku'gath Plaguefather

Air Freshener

For all his poxes and foul contagions, Nurgle's Foetid Brewmaster was overcome in battle by good, old-fashioned brute force.

Chance of a plague spreading: -20% (Lord's army)

Growth: +30 (Local province)

Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord


Ultimately, all of the ambition, the amassed, slavering hordes, and the channelled power of Nurgle Himself, came to naught when faced with steel and sorcery. Hero capacity: +3 for all Heroes

Global recruitment capacity: +1


Enumerator's End

Why is Six afraid of Seven? Because Seven eight Nine.

Research rate: +10%

Attribute: Immune to Contact Effects

Ogre Kingdoms

Greasus Goldtooth

Cashing Out

Like all Tyrants, in the end Greasus Goldtooth proved to be nothing but a massive bag of hot air and empty threats.

Income from trade: +10%

Income from all buildings: +20% (Local province)

Skrag the Slaughterer

Maw's the Pity

As it turned out, the Maw-that-Walks proved too slow for his adversary, who ended running circles around the great big lump of Ogreish lard.

Winds of Magic power reserve capacity: +8

Miscast base chance: -10%


Queek Headtaker


See how he runs - all the way to the sewer from which he first skulked! Bonus vs. Infantry: +10

Lord Skrolk


His dreadful staff, and the disease it spreads, cannot save Skrolk from the righteous scourge.

Plagues bolster your forces and nurture your settlements (Lord's army)

Immune to Swamp attrition (Lord's army)

Public order: -5 (Local enemy province)

Tretch Craventail

Craven by Name...

Turning and running away, under the auspices of coming back with reinforcements, is just running away - and the mark of a coward to boot. Speed: +12%

Leadership: +4 during subterranean intercept battles (Lord's army)

Ikit Claw

A 'Fitting' End?

Ikit Claw may have been defeated utterly, but he'll surely be back again soon, with a new, better, nastier, probably-motorised plan. Watch out!

Winds of Magic Power reserve change +10% when increasing (Lord's army)

Research rate: +10% (Factionwide)

Deathmaster Snikch

Deathmaster by Nature

It would appear that the Eshin's infamous Chief Assassin has been decisively defeated, the victim of his own malice. Hero action success chance: +4% (Local region)

Attribute: Stalk

Throt the Unclean

Deep Cleaner

The blemish of the Unclean one stains the world no more, his foul presence having been wiped from existence.

Hit points: +10%



Tyrion Owes Me

The most notorious of Slaanesh's Keepers of Secrets has once again tasted defeat, no doubt finding it a most unpleasant sensation!

Experience Experience gain: +7% for Lords and Heroes

Speed +6% (Lord's army)

The Empire

Karl Franz


Even great men are flawed; failure is a part of mankind's tragic condition.

Unit experience gain: +10% (Lord's army)

Volkmar the Grim


All the piety in the old world means nothing when faced with superior military muscle.

Melee Defence: +3 for melee infantry units (Lord's army)

Icon stat attack Melee Attack: +3 for melee infantry units (Lord's army)

Balthasar Gelt


Behind the golden mask lies the face of ignominious defeat.

Armour: +6 for all units (Lord's army)

Markus Wulfhart

Hunted Down

This time, the hunter became the hunted, losing out to an opponent altogether more dogged, dangerous and downright lethal than himself. Missile resistance: +10%

Missile damage: +5% (Lord's army)

Elspeth von Draken

A Rose by Any Other Name

Despite her powerful command of Shyish, the Graveyard Rose has finally earned the name, following her decisive defeat. Explosive missile damage: +5% (Lord's army)

Missile explosion radius: +10% (Lord's army)

Tomb Kings

Settra the Imperishable

Settra the Perishable

As it turns out, the Imperishable is just as perishable as the rest of us... Charge bonus: +15

Public order: -3 (Local enemy province)

True Chariot Master ㅤ(Army lead by Surtha Ek)

"That's not a chariot... *This* is a chariot!" Weapon strength: +100% for Chaos Chariots units (Lord's army)

Grand Hierophant Khatep

Not So Grand Hierophant

They say he can hold back death's cold embrace. I see little evidence of that this day! Winds of Magic power reserve change: +15% when increasing (Lord's army)

Immune to desert attrition (Lord's army)

Immune to sandstorm attrition (Lord's army)

High Queen Khalida

Khalida Never-Living

The Warrior-Queen was defeated once before in life - fatally. Although she was saved by the blessing of the Asp-Goddess then, they cannot save her now.

Diplomatic relations: +30 with Vampire Counts

Recruit rank: +2 for missile units

Arkhan the Black

Arkhan the Blackened

The Liche King may have dark sorcery and the power of the Great Necromancer, but that's not always enough when facing massed-ranks and hefty blades. Diplomatic relations: +20 with Tomb Kings

Weapon strength: +25% when fighting against Vampire Counts


Kairos Fateweaver

Didn't See That Coming

Despite knowing every spell uttered, the Mocking Watcher was laid low this day by a superior adversary - which must drive him even more insane! Winds of Magic power reserve capacity: +5 (Lord's army)

Spell resistance: 15% (Lord's army)

The Changeling

Final Trick

Fortunately, playing dead isn't another one of his pranks... Er, hopefully.

Post battle chance of stealing a magic item: +10%

Hero action success chance: +5% (Local region)

Vampire Coast

Luthor Harkon

One Down, X to Go

Although a deadly foe has been defeated, one has to wonder if all his personalities have been slain... Spell resistance: +15%

Leadership: +10 when fighting at sea

Count Noctilus

Dreadfleet Drowned

"Back down to the Galleon's Graveyard with you, Noctilus, it's all you're good for!" Leadership: +5 when fighting against Vampire Coast (Lord's army)

Leadership: +5 when fighting at sea (Lord's army)

Aranessa Saltspite

Consigned to the Drink

Once again, the Norscans can raid and rob and plunder in peace. For now, at least. Income from sacking settlements: +15%

Passive ability: "Regeneration" when fighting at sea

Cylostra Direfin

Siren Extinguished

"Right, earplugs out lads - she's gone down to Stromfels' Chest, where she belongs, the harpy!" Winds of Magic power reserve change +15% when increasing (Lord's army)

Miscast base chance: -5%

Vampire Counts

Mannfred von Carstein


He who quenches his thirst on the blood of the living will find cold steel his just reward.

Attrition: -50% casualties suffered from Vampire Counts territory attrition (Lord's army)

Helman Ghorst

Ghorst or Ghost?

Apparently death is merely an obstacle to be overcome; must be inconvenient, however. Enables poison attacks

Vlad von Carstein

Undeath Descendant

Down but probably not out, as you cannot really kill what doesn't truly live. Wound Recovery Time -4

Isabella von Carstein

Cruelty Restrained

Stone-cold beauty is no guarantee of victory. Passive ability: "Regeneration" Note: Only obtainable in two ways: during the Vampiric Ascension endgame scenario where Sylvania must be defeated prior to the crisis triggering, or in a head-to-head multiplayer campaign with any of the players starting as Isabella.

Heinrich Kemmler


Kemmler's quest for the darkest of knowledge will never be over, but has suffered something of a setback.

Spell resistance: 10% (Lord's army)

Warriors Of Chaos

Archaon the Everchosen


The Everchosen may rise and rise again, but he will forever be consigned to oblivion! Spell resistance: 10%

Physical resistance: 5%

Melee attack: +2 when fighting against Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos, Norsca and Beastmen (Lord's army)


Duty Over Beauty

It seems that the Prince of Damnation had his wings clipped by this one's unmatched prowess!

Leadership +4 (Lord's army)

Weapon strength: +3% for lords and embedded heroes (Lord's army)



The First Damned is the last to know that his time is up once more. Cast off and cursed by the Ruinous Powers, until they can perhaps find a use for him in a few millennia. Winds of Magic power reserve capacity: +5 (Lord's army)

Control: +2 (Local province)

Casualty replenishment rate: +5% (Lord's army)

Weapon strength: +5% (Lord's army)

Festus the Leechlord

Doctor Retired

The Dark Apothecary may be in need of a doctor himself after tangling with this one!

Casualty replenishment rate +5% (Lord's army)

Vigour loss reduction: -15% (Lord's army)

Kholek Suneater


Roiling skies, raging winds, and lightning didn't help the Herald of the Tempest, laid low this day by honest steel. Bonus vs. Large: +20

Prince Sigvald the Magnificent

Pride Assassin

Pride comes before a fall. Always. Post battle chance of stealing a magic item: +10%

Physical resistance: 10%

Valkia the Bloody

Queen Dethroned

It is no small feat to vanquish the Gorequeen, Shield-Maiden of Khorne; the very definition of a worthy adversary.

Melee attack: +4

Armour-piercing weapon damage: +20

Vilitch the Curseling

Conjoined Separated

Neither Thomin's strength nor Vilitch's sorcery could hope match this one's martial power. Winds of Magic power reserve change: +10% when increasing (Lord's army)

Melee defence: +5

Wood Elves


Destroyer of Dryads

The forest's most embittered wargrove could not overcome you - the Briarmaven of Woe is felled, her hate-filled spirit erased from the world.

Immune to Athel Loren attrition (Lord's Army)

Control: -5 (Local enemy province)


Tree Surgeon

Even the mightiest tree in the forest can be felled - you just need a big enough axe!

Enables flaming attacks when fighting against Wood Elves



Everyone has a weakness, however well hidden; even immortals must face defeat sometimes.

Leadership: +4 during forest battles

Melee attack: +5 during forest battles

Sisters of Twilight

Twilight Extinguished

Few things are everlasting. Just as dawn signifies the end of night and dusk the end of day, Ariel's twin maidens are slain!

Casualty replenishment rate: +20% for Lords (Lord's army)

Missile strength: +10%


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