How to use Lily's Bretonnia Mods (Part 1 - Installation)

How to use Lily's Bretonnia Mods (Part 1 - Installation)

Bretonnia Overhaul

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While many of my mods do not require this mod, there are THREE main mods that do require it.

The Bretonnia overhaul adds three buildings chains (Royal Chapter Barracks, Almshouses and Guilds) and several Royal Men-at-Arms units. It also adds lots of skills, faction traits, building and event effects, new technologies... you get the idea, it's expansive, too much to cover here. Check out the mod page for a bit more detail.

When using this mod, the biggest difference from the Vanilla Bretonnia experience is the new buildings, skills and technologies that allow you to focus on increasing the Peasant Economy or the Capacity of Royal Men-at-Arms, giving you lots of decisions as to how you want to focus your faction.

Bretonnia will always be a Shock Cavalry faction, these new buildings and technologies are for those that want to challenge themselves with either a horde of peasants or bolster their armies with some slightly more elite peasant options.

This mod is, in my humble opinion, the definitive experience for Bretonnia!


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This mod DOESN'T require my overhaul! It is Standalone!!

This mod adds a brand new Hero, the Sergeant-at-Arms. As a Peasant, he has no vows to unlock and can't be expected to achieve great feats in the field, but has a large number of unique skills and traits to make each and every one of them feel unique!

If you are using my overhaul there is an extra mod you should install in addition to this one:

Unit Pack

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This Unit Pack adds a new building chain, the Archery Range, which lets you recruit Men-at-Arms armed with Longbows. It also adds Men-at-Arms with Poleaxes, Royal Grail Knights, Battle Pilgrim Champions, Knights of the Realm with swords and shields and some Trebuchet variants.

This mod REQUIRES the main Overhaul.

Repanse The Peasant Queen

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This mod REQUIRES the main Overhaul.

What does it do?

Repanse cannot recruit knights. But, you can recruit a large variety of peasants when playing as her! All peasant units are much more powerful than they normally are, with bonuses such as increased damage and armour.

It is also a lot easier to stay within the Peasant economy limit, but it is still advisable to do anything you can to increase the peasant limit.

To do this, you will want some Almshouses, especially in province capitals, as well as farms. The Water Taps technology is a must have, and each of your lords will want to consider the Logistician skill as that also increases the peasant limit by +1.

She also gains brand new units. Royal Men-at-Arms with Crossbows will be a mainstay in your armies and can be recruited from Copher port instead of the Knights Errant. This unit deals massive armour piercing damage and will be the silver bullet your armies need for dealing with issues that Peasants alone normally cannot handle.

Also, you will have access to Royal Mounted Yeomen, light cavalry that will be useful even in the late game.

This mod is also optional, but allows for a unique experience for those that want to roleplay a peasant uprising or wished Bretonnia was an infantry faction instead of a cavalry one!

Regiments Of Renown

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This mod adds an INSANE amount of regiments of renown (or RoR for short) and REQUIRES the Overhaul.

RoR's can be recruited instantly, so having such a large number of them is incredibly powerful. This mod is recommended for players that like to add roleplay elements or lots of variety to their armies.

There are Sixteen additional units added with this mod, most of which are Royal Men-at-Arms variants that represent various dukedoms of Bretonnia.


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If you are using more than one of the three previously mentioned mods (The Unit Pack, Peasant Queen Pack or the Regiments of renown pack) you will want ONE of the FOUR following mods based on which combination you want to use.

All of these mods already require the Main Overhaul mod.

If you are using all three mods:

If you are only using the RoR's and Peasant Queen:

If you are only using the Peasant Queen and Unit Pack:

If you are only using the Unit Pack and RoR's:

Bonus Mods

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I have many other Bretonnia mods that add extra units or change the economy. They are all fully compatible with the other mods, and none of them require the overhaul to work.

Here is the list, all can be found on my profile:

Foot Grail Knights

Knights of the Realm (dismounted)

Peasant Economy Overhaul

Barracks increase Peasant Economy (this mod is already a part of the Overhaul and isn't needed if you use it)

Repanse faction recolour

Shields of the Dukedoms

Men-at-Arms Shield Reskin (This is just a less feature complete version of Shields of the Dukedoms, but is compatible with more mods)

Also check out the Blessings of Bretonnia mod by Dirty Dan:

If you want to use them with my mods, use these compatibility mods:

Conclusion (Too Long, Didn't Read)

For the definitive Bretonnia experience, you will only need Lily's Bretonnia Overhaul: Definitive Edition - Immortal Empires

However, if you want to run ALL of my mods have them all work together, install this mod and all the mods it requires:

(Put this mod above all my other mods)

And install the following mods for the rest of the missing content:


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