Great Book Of Grudges

Great Book Of Grudges


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Hail fellow Dawi, in this book we shall record all wrongs that must be righted by hammer or fist, fools shall know the folly of crossing our great race. Any Slayers reading this may also choose to campaign to end the suffering of the fools listed here and if you fail, well you honor Grimnir with your death at least.

What Is A Grudge?

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Now young Dawi, though you may have heard tale of our ancestral grudges, you may not know what that entails. Let me enlighten you. Throughout time our great race has held our honor above all else. That is why when a Dawi makes catastrophic lapse of judgement, they may have to follow the path of the slayer, Slayers fight monsters and honor Grimnir with their final breath. This all meaning we are a proud people, we will not take lightly the transgressions of others. When one such transgression occurs which can be as major as a hold destroyed or as minor as a few shorted coins, we must right this wrong at all costs. That could mean payment or a city being razed to dust, and If we cannot right it at the time we must add it to the Book Of Grudges so our descendants will know of the dishonor done to us.

Current Grudges

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Queek Headtaker of the Skaven and his men must be destroyed at all costs to avenge the death of Belegar Ironhammer as well as stop his raids on Karak Eight Peaks

Skarsnik of the greenskins must be killed for his attacks on Karak Eight Peaks

Teclis of the High Elves must pay for insulting our high king by calling him "Short Sighted"

Ku'gath Plaguefather the Great Unclean One for experimenting on Dawi

Greenskins, Kill on sight for their numerous crimes against the Dawi


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