Community co op campaign guide

Community co op campaign guide

How To Use This Guide

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For me if I am playing Warthammer 3 I am playing Immortal Empires.

I have created a rough collection of resources to help people have fun.


The best way to use the resource would be bookmark the page or simply download you own copy then make whatever changes you wish.

Click on the links to go to the pages then click the Main Page link to go back to the start.

Co-op Starting Spots + Sea Lanes

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*The co-op map is missing new Champions of Chaos DLC.*

Basically in my experience you kinda want to all play good or all evil.

For example if you play Orion the wood elf (Blue) and your friend play Ikit Claw skaven (Light Green) all the other wood elves will hate you, you will have to kill them all and all humans will also hate you.

If you have no issue being at war with all surrounding factions and never being about to confederate play whatever.

I prefer having factions that start relatively close together.

I would also open up the Climate Map and after choosing your lords to play, you can play with areas you wish to expand into.

I have put Wood Elf in order, as they can get some technologies to improves relationships.

I have put Tomb Kings and Orges as neutral (white).

Personally I find horde factions are great for co-op, that way you don't have to worry about much land and you can help each other defend and expand.

Doubling up on the same factions

Do not play more than one greenskin faction, as the wargh mechanic breaks. What happens, both players work towards their wargh, then whoever actives first then lock the other ones progress. Naturally after finishing a wargh you want to be back as soon as possible you there ends up being a 30 turn cool down and its simply ruins the fun.

From my testing Greenskin warghs buffs seem to be permanent for example you started out getting extra speed on your initial army finish wargh move on and get weapon strength and it keeps going.

Vampire Coast & Tomb Kings

The books and nagash and the treasure can not be held by more than 1 player. Even if the treasure or book is held by 1 army, and 4 players fight, only the first one gets it. This can be a bit of a downer.

Wood Elves

Only one player can own the Oak of Ages

Naturally only one player can own Karak Eight Peaks

Random note

Greenskins cant trade, its also hard to trade as a beastman

Playable Factions

A full list of where each LL comes from.

Climate Map

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This is super helpful for planning out who gets what. Each LL has areas that are good or bad for them. Naturally sometimes it worth someone owning bad area just to stop the AI getting them.

Picking A Faction And Advanced Combat

Using the starting positions and climate map to help you pick LL.

You will also have to think about corruption if a player choose a vampire coast or count, and the next player choosing a non-vampire their armies will suffer. So doubling up on the same corruption is advised. Often a LL will be immune to various corruption however all their other armies will not.

You will have to think about army composition, strengths and weaknesses of the factions as well.

For example Nurgle mostly melee and tanking but super slow.

Save the Co-op campaign often, try to save before the start of any battle, as disconnections can happen and you don't want to have to repeat a fight especially when auto resolve can be punishing for certain factions and army comps.

On the Campaign map

Going AFK, dont go AFK at the end of the turn as there will always be a choose the player going AFK will have to map stopping the other players doing anything.

Go AFK during battle/ long or short. Give your Army to someone else if you need to.

Also while people are AFK dont forget to go through your items and followers. You can always merge bad items of the same type.

In Combat

Before starting the battle, have unanimous consent on the battle plan. You example is a unit going to use stalk and snipe the HQ? run in the chaff first then all the higher tier units to flank?

You can gift other player units, click on a unit and there is a symbol at the bottom right "<" you can also take a unit back with the "X" in the middle of the unit card.

The way I gift unit is, who wants to have fun with what. Do you have a powerful LL, give to player 2, give the mage to player 3, and some monsters to player 4.

Also co-op allows you to recruit different units and armies compared to what you would recruit in single player. For example you could recruit tons of high mirco units such as chariots that need to be constantly moving but for multiple players this is great. I love wolves and very fast units, the second a unit has routed and I am eating it up until its shattered then repeat, often getting tons of kills.

Don't forget you can ping the map or draw on with the tools in the top left of the map.

In Emergencies I would pause the fight, for example Player 1 you know your lord is currently surrounded and being stabbed to death?

Be warned if you are only spectating this is disabled.

Advanced Campaign Mechanics


Skaven have under cites this can not be put under an allied player base however this could be put down in advance then another player take the base provided their factiopn doesn't destory bases when occupying .

Or simply using the spread undercity building that has a chance to spread each turn.

This needs to be done with an Army Lord.

This can be lots of fun, easy to way to make lots of food money and tech. Also there is a building which normally spawns and army and declares war, as its impossible to declare war duing a game with a player its free army for 10 turns so you can switch the units out.

Also the fact your allies know your undercity is there means you don't waste time and money on


Vampire Coast

They can create Pirate Coast under ports using Army Lords.

So you get player 1 to do the battle, establish Pirate Cove, next player takes the base.

Pirate Coves are great for spamming heros.


Nakai the Wanderer, his as horde faction who makes a special vassal. You can use and abuse his vassal for example Rakath can spawn mutliple single lords and raid you, giving Rakath a chance to get various monsters for his pen. Skaken could also make multiple lords and raid Nakai Vassal for extra food.

I Will Add When I Get It

Does anyone know if there is a tradeable resource map for IM ?

As these are huge for Dwalf and Tomb Kings as they can craft items.


This is a rough resource to help you have fun with Immortal Empires.

Personally I am not going to add much more to this guide, I want everyone to add to it.

For example if you make a new page everyone likes, then I role it into the main version.


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