Medieval 2 Windows support VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, & 10

Window Support Since Release Of 10 (including Vista And After)

This applies to Windows Home Edition, but should Pro begin having a problem, this should also be your first priority because Microsoft is playing with the Security Updates constantly for Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

1) Top left on your Steam Menu bar, click Steam, select Exit

2) Find your Steam launcher, right click and select Run as Administrator

3) Find your game in the games list, right click and select properties

4) On the window that opens, go to the local files tab and select Browse

5) When the windows explorer window opens, delete everything inside the folder

6) Go back to the Steam game properties window and now select Verify and allow it to complete replacing your game files

7) Go back to your window showing the new contents of the folder and open the dxsetup folder

8) Run the installer by right clicking and running as administrator

9) Go back to your games list and launch the game from Steam (NOTE: IMPORTANT: Do not launch Medieval 2 from a desktop shortcut or the main exe file in the Medieval 2 folder ever always using the games list in Steam. If running mods, use Steam Launch Options explained here: Launching any other way and you will end up right back here repeating these steps in all likelihood)

10) Set your settings, exit, close Steam same way as Step 1, and Launch Steam Normally and you should be playing.

11) For people trying to use an AMD APU A10 or A12 series or an INTEL E series processor, browse back into your Medieval 2 folder, right click Medieval2.exe, select properties, go to the compatibility tab, set compatibility to XP.

NOTE: Verifying files will still work without running as Administrator on Windows Pro Versions for now.

Further Improvements

To improve your gaming experience, use a backwards compatible codec pack such as K-Lite Codec Pack installed as Administrator (normal installation on Home Version will install and mostly be disallowed by Windows reverting back to the Windows restricted versions making no difference)

To improve Hesitations...

1) Browse into C drive, Windows, System32 and scroll down to find the d3dx9_**.dll (If you perform a computer search, you will find many copies of the same files scattered about, use only the ones in System32!)

2) Drag a box around all of the d3dx9_**.dll files, right click and copy

3) Browse into your Medieval 2 folder where the Medieval2.exe is located, right click in the open, and select paste to add a copy for direct access. (DO NOT DRAG AND DROP!)


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